How to Get your Child Back into School Routine

This article equips you with things you should do to help your child transition smoothly from holiday mode to school mode.

Back-to-school is around the corner and in a matter of time, your child’s routine will need to change.

This article equips you with things you should do to help your child transition smoothly from holiday mode to school mode.

Restore uptime and bedtime to Default  

For obvious reasons, your child’s uptime and bedtime must have changed significantly during the holidays and need to be reset. At this point, it is still tempting to allow your child to oversleep or sleep late. However, to prepare for the new term, start getting them to bed early and waking them up early as if it were a school day. You can set an alarm clock and make sure they get at least 9 to 10 hours of sleep before waking up. By doing this, you prepare their body and mind for the school days ahead.

Set up a new routine

You should restructure your child’s holiday routines to gradually fit into school routines. For instance, if your child takes a bath by 6.30 am every morning to prepare for school, you should start adopting that routine within the last two weeks of the holiday so that by the time school resumes, it would have become regular. Also create a timetable for homework, TV time, sleep time and play time as well as reminders to ensure that each period is strictly adhered to.

Make breakfast compulsory


Breakfast is an integral part of your child’s development and the most important meal of their day. If your child is used to eating breakfast later in the morning, start getting him to eat earlier as the school year approaches. When your child gets to school, he will not be able to eat when he pleases because he will be on a tight schedule. Remember to incorporate healthy options during breakfast. 

Be consistent with your routines

Once you finalize on a routine, try to stick to it to enforce structure because once you change the pattern you confuse your child and defeat the aim. The sleep time and wake-up time should be constant, along with every other task that will need to be completed at home before the school day starts.

Prepare your kids mentally

Every child is special and deserves to be treated so. Irrespective of your child’s age, constantly remind them that the holidays will soon be over and school is around the corner. Sit them down and have meaningful discussions about their fears, expectations, and plans for the new school year. You will be surprised to find out that your child has their own reservations and concerns about the upcoming school year. 

Photo credit: Ebony Magazine