Your eating style reflects your personality

Its said that actions speak louder than words, so also the way you eat reveal your personality.

Have you ever wondered why some people eat slow while others eat fast? Or something can eat a mixture of a whole lot of things and not go to the toilet?

Its said that actions speak louder than words, so also the way you eat reveal your personality.

4 styles of eating

1. Fast eaters

Those who swallow down or gulp down their food hot or cold, small or bolus are considered generally as careless people on the negative side but productive and excellent at completing tasks on time. They tend to be fast in everything they do and do not take time for deep consideration of issues. They have no time to waste on fine details.

2. Slow eaters:

These people eat slowly and take time to savor and enjoy their food. They are considered to be generally attentive. They enjoy paying attention to every detail and cherish every experience they encounter. On the negative side they engage themselves with routines, status quo and usually resist changes or correction.

3. Selective Eaters:

These are people who separate their food and eat one type of food at a time. They eat bread separately, beans separately, fish separately and never together on the same plate or at the same time. They don’t mix food together in one plate and eat. They are very calculative, selective and direct in what they do. They want solutions to problems outright without breathing about the bush. However they are not flexible and do not conform or adapt to situations that is strange to them.

4. Food Mixers

These people mix their food up in the plate before they eat and eat combined food at the same time. They are considered to be idealistic and cannot make up their minds easily when it comes to decision making. They do well in taking responsibilities but do not consider priorities as being important..They do not push or force issues. They mix well with people also.

Now, out of all these 4 styles, where do you belong?