How To Get a Salary Raise

One of the most awkward discussions to have with your boss is requesting a salary increase, you may wonder when is the best time to ask for a raise? Read more...

One of the most awkward discussions to have with your boss is requesting a salary increase. Despite the high cost of living and growing responsibilities of many workers, the morbid fear that comes with confronting an issue as sensitive as pay increment stop many from threading that path. As dicey as the subject might be, here are some tried and tested ways of asking for a higher pay and getting a yes.

1. Do an objective Self Evaluation

It is important to check yourself and evaluate your contributions and inputs to the organization or company you in genuinely. As much as you need a fatter paycheck, a personal assessment of your competencies, skills and effectiveness in achieving set targets will save you some embarrassment.

The truth is, no employer will want to offer more pay without putting up a good fight. A thorough self-assessment will help you counter certain loopholes your boss might want to exploit during such discussions.

2. Converse not Negotiate

Push for a conversation not negotiation, as it sets a more relaxed atmosphere. As much as your negotiation skills will be needed in getting a yes, introducing the subject as a conversation is important. In the conversation, state the stockpile of facts and data that you have gathered in the market about your net worth. In your conversation, you should give account of your accomplishment, track records of achievements during your time at the organization.

Remember to choose the right words. Maintain a calm demeanor; avoid emotional statements that show anger and frustration.  For instance, you can say, “Because I have accomplished ABC in the last XYZ years, an eight percent increase will be appropriate. Don’t you think so?”

3. Choose the Right time

As cliché as it may seem, timing is everything. Beyond tendering your request with a conversational tone, choosing the right time is like a bait that will help you catch the big fish. You do not walk up to your boss to ask for a raise at a time when the organization is suffering a financial setback. That would rather look insensitive and inappropriate. A perfect timing for a money related discussion is when you just landed a juicy contract for the firm. At such a time, it will look unfair and unjustifiable for your boss to decline your offer.

Before setting the tone, strategically pick the right moment.

4. Try using a Counter-offer

When all other techniques fail, a counter offer will always help. Highlight that you are already strongly considering a competitor offer something higher, and see your employer shift grounds right before your eyes. No boss wants to lose a great employee that has been an asset to the organization.

Although, your boss may not offer the same pay the competitor is proposing, but a significant raise that will keep you smiling to the bank is guaranteed.