Reasons Why Some People Seem To Know A Lot

Ever come across someone who really seems to know everything? They can answer questions about any topic, any field and any place.

Ever come across someone who seems to know everything? They can answer questions about any topic. They have a general understanding and can explain either briefly or detailed. Most of the time, these people make a really good impression and seem to be doing well professionally and personally. They progress well and pursue excellence in all they do.

Here are some habits they have adopted to possess this rare skill:

1. They read… A LOT

They read books about everything- from science fiction to business. Reading opens up your brains to understanding and processing information easier and quicker, and challenge the status quo. To develop this habit, challenge yourself by reading a book a month. Even CEOs do this.

2. They are curious about other people

You can make more friends by being interested in other people. Listen to other people’s lives and experiences because it can shed light into your own life. The best people to listen to are people who share a different perspective from yours. Most people tend to be dismissive to those who don’t see life the way they do, but hearing them out can be an effective learning process that requires patience and maturity.


3. They participate in group discussions

People who know a lot raise their hands and ask questions where they need clarity, they tackle other people’s reasoning to broaden their own understanding of a specific topic.

4. They play board games

Nothing gets your mind working out quite like Scrabble, 30 seconds, Sudoku, Monopoly and thousands of other board games that force you to think during relaxation. This is a fun way of learning and you can even do this with friends!

5. They watch documentaries on historical events

Just sit back, turn on National Geographic, Discovery Channel, or the History Channel, and watch informative documentaries about everything.

6. They network

Attending business conferences and sermons is not just about the awesome “free food” and getting to skip a day off work, but about meeting different people. The misconception out there is that networking is only to be done with people who can bring you business or benefit your company. This is not the case, you can network with anyone. This is a great way to open your circle as you never know when the opportunity will arise to do great things together.

There are lot of interest groups on LinkedIn or other meet ups online.

7. They work on their self-development

None of this would matter if you had no interest in developing yourself. Smart people care to get to the next level in their own personal lives; they eat better, work out, work smart and educate themselves.

Learn a new language, get a new hobby, learn a great skill or just improve in your current field and be the best that there is.

8. They never get comfortable

Most people have a routine, without the slightest thought to change themselves or work on themselves. Some people have an “I have made it” mentality when they have reached a certain goal or make a specific amount of money. This is counterproductive as it gives no meaning to aim higher and strive for better.

Keep learning. Keep an open mind. Be daring enough to try new things. In this competitive world, there is no room for complacency.

9. They have the utmost belief in themselves and their abilities

So what does it take to be the smartest in the room? You have to believe that you are. None of these things matter if you do not believe in yourself and what you are capable of achieving. Before anything, you must believe that you can. You shouldn’t shy away out of fear or embarrassment. What you have to say is worth it and someone will benefit from it. You have been equipped with everything you need to fulfill all those dreams inside of you. Don’t expect less from yourself and don’t expect it from others.

Why else do you think some people know a lot? Let us know in the comments.