Be truly Happy on Your Birthday

To think about the past is to regret it; to worry about the future, to fear it. Only this moment counts… Wouldn’t you rather embrace it?

Your birthday! One of the most important days of your life. Your friends and colleagues come rampaging with gifts and felicitations. In the midst of the flurry of cards and cakes, you might become worried that you are getting older, that your accomplishments fall short of what you had in mind years earlier, and that it may be too late to travel down certain paths.

At the heart of this sort of disposition is comparison. In many ways, the world has become a global village, such that parameters for comparing one’s self with others are now transcontinental. Where your peers at school used to be the mirrors against which you gauged yourself years ago, today you could place your accomplishments side by side with Mark Zuckerberg’s and slide into depression. Comparison may be good, but it also has its pitfalls.

If today brings you your birthday, or brings you within a whisker of it, it may have you pushing your dreams away, and clinging tighter to your current reality (that you probably do not love so much). You may be playing it safe, concluding that the train of higher accomplishments has left the station for good. More so when you think about your family responsibilities… you sag deeper into your burrow of comfort, unwilling to take any risks.

Actually, hanging on is what is risky. When your employer hired you, in addition to competent hands, they hoped they were getting a passionate, zealous person. If for some reason that passion has waned, or if it wasn’t there altogether in the first place, then you are robbing two people of their joy: yourself, and your employer. When you consider that even passionate people have been let go from their jobs, you find that your situation is quite precarious. So why not dig up that dream?!

There exists a general apprehension people feel towards ageing. But, really and truly, age is just a number – it is not a nail in the coffin of your childhood dreams. Whether you’re turning 20, 40 or 60, it is never too late to pursue your dreams. It is essentially still you – the same person. And you should look at this year as the crucial year. For as long as you’re still kicking, you should probably be living your one and only precious life as wonderfully and as best you can.

It is said that to think about the past is to regret it, and to worry about the future is to fear it. Only this moment counts… Wouldn’t you rather embrace it?