Have You Seen Nigeria: Olumirin Waterfalls

With over 50,000 visitors recorded in 2014, Olumirin Waterfalls is the most visited natural tourist site in Nigeria.

Have you seen Nigeria? Very often, to see her, you have to step down from your vehicle and either walk or hop onto a more maneuverable means of transport. As a developing country, infrastructures have not fully invaded the tranquil sleep of much of Nature’s beautiful destinations in Nigeria. If you find a way to wade through difficult terrains, you will behold Nature in her splendor, and the sight would be worth all your trouble.

Our biker friends braved the odds to go see Olumirin Waterfalls. They were so pleased by what they saw that they’re planning to go again, barely seven weeks after they first went. These beautiful pictures could make you want to join them.

Olumirin Waterfalls, according to sources, is the most visited natural tourist site in Nigeria. In 2014, the site received over 50,000 visitors. One of the fantastic things about this tourist destination is that the water levels remain constant all year round, making it an ideal place to visit at any time of the year. Should you go to Olumirin, or anywhere else in Nigeria, your perspective will certainly inspire others, so do share your story with us. Let people see Nigeria through your eyes. Comment here, or reach us at gtbankdigitalgroup@gmail.com.