Have You Seen Nigeria: Yankari

Yankari, the heart of the West African Savannah. A place where beauty waits...

When was the last time you saw a shooting star? Do you remember the thrill? There is a myth that says if you make a wish before the star whizzes by, your wish will come to true. Have you ever wished upon a star? What about a solar eclipse, ever seen one? A lunar? Perhaps you were part of those who bought specialized spectacles, or who looked through basins of water in March 2016 when a solar eclipse occurred. Maybe it is unfair that such beauty is always in a hurry; it doesn’t wait.
Well, unlike the shooting star and solar eclipse, not every beauty is in a hurry, some are patient, waiting for us to find and savour them. They are right here with us! So come with us to the heart of the West African Savannah, to a place where beauty waits. See Yankari International Park through fresh eyes.


Write it down. Say you will go. If you don’t have a plan, how are you going to make a plan work?

There is a lot of wisdom and serenity in the woods.

Rejuvenate yourself.

Enjoy the moment.

The flora and fauna just might be as happy to see you as you are to see them.

Luxuriate in the Savannah.

Colour your life with memorable experiences.

The goal of this exposition is to give you reading pleasure while you’re lounging in your couch at home, or working in the office. But, more importantly, we also want to awaken your hunger to explore the  abundant beauty that nature has bestowed on Nigeria. So, go ahead, make plans to travel around Nigeria, or at least visit somewhere new. If you’re wondering where, then Yankari will be a great destination for you. Wherever you eventually visit and explore, do share with us, so that our audience, can see the beauty of Nigeria through your own eyes.