Carpe Festum: Seize The Holiday!

The greatest gift of holidays is more free time and the key to having a fulfilling holiday is to fully maximize this gift.

We get a limited number of Holidays. A finite amount of mornings where we wake up and do not have to commute to work, a golden avenue of free time stretching ahead of us. The possibilities of what you can do with all the time in your hands might seem boundless but if there is no plan on how to spend your holiday, you’ll be left looking back with longing and wishing you had gotten more out of your holiday break.

The greatest gift of holidays is more free time and the key to having a fulfilling holiday is to fully maximize this gift. Here are a few guidelines on how to optimize your time during your next holiday and return refreshed without needing a holiday from your holiday.


  1. Try Something New: One of the most common exclamations after holiday breaks is “I didn’t do much, Time went by so fast!” There might be a solution to that. Neuroscientist David Eagleman, a professor at Stanford University and the author of The Brain: The Story of You discovered that the key to having a holiday that seems to stretch out with so much time is to seek out newness — new settings, new activities. When you try out novel experiences, time will seem to last longer because you’re more focused on collecting the unfamiliar information into a memory. A weekend getaway, for example, will seem much longer than one spent at home. A weekend spent at home, if you spend it exploring your neighborhood or trying new restaurants, will seem longer than one where you hole up in your apartment watching a TV show. And a weekend holed up in your apartment watching a TV show, if it’s one you’ve not seen before, will seem longer than one where you re-watch an old favorite for the tenth time.


  1. Get enough sleep. Holidays are a great time to rest and revitalize your body and mind. You can’t go out every day and club every night without disrupting your equilibrium. And the purpose of a holiday is to do the exact opposite – to refresh yourself, right? So turn off your alarm, cut on the caffeine, and make sure that you get your regular quota of sleep, even if you’re are out and about during the day.


  1. Spend time with loved ones: Time is one of the best gifts we can give to the people in our lives and the holidays are a great opportunity to spend quality time with family members and friends you haven’t seen for a long time, or don’t get to spend enough time with during work hours. For instance, you might want to visit your parents and have a quality talk with them, you might want to cook and eat together with your children and partner. You might also choose to volunteer and help out at an orphanage, surely they are also loved ones.


  1. Travel: Whether alone or with loved ones. Travelling is a great way to spend your vacation. Asides helping you break away from the routine of your daily life, it exposes you to new places, people, cultures, and things.  By going outside of your usual daily bubble you are giving yourself new experiences that can reshape how you view the world. You can get to see parts of the country and the world you haven’t seen before, make new friends, and create great memories. Just in case you are wondering where to travels to, some of these amazing SME MarketHub travel deals may do it for you.


  1. End with a splash: The human brain gives larger consideration to things that happened last in a series. This is known as the “recency effect” in psychology, and for holidays it means the end of a vacation is more easily remembered than the beginning. You can consciously use this recency bias to end vacations with a bang. If you’re only going to “go all the way” once, splurge on the business class seat on the way home, not the way there. Save your big dinner at your favorite restaurant for your final night, not your first. Whatever you do, make sure your last holiday act is the least you’ve done during your break.

If you have more tips on how to have a memorable holiday, kindly let us know in the comment section.