Getting Back to Work without a Drag

Here are a few steps you can take on your first day back to work that will help you settle in much easier.

For some people, it’s usually a struggle adjusting to work life with ease after weeks of holidaying, while for some it’s not so much of a big deal.

Sliding back into work mood means different things to different people, from switching back on early morning alarms, to trading casuals wears for corporate outfits and skipping breakfast, the list is inexhaustible.

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However, you can manage your transition back to the office pretty well and blend in smoothly like you never left. In fact, there are certain steps you can take on your first day back that will help you settle in much easier. Here are a few:

Prepare for the day ahead

To start well, you’ve got to prepare! Sleep early the night before your resumption day, sort out your outfit and if possible get a snack ready for breakfast, cos you’ll need some healthy carbs to give you the energy needed for a great first day.

One step at a time

You’ve had a chilled vacation and your body needs a little bit of time to get back to work mood, so don’t stretch yourself. Try to keep your first day back schedule-free from any meetings or appointments and just use the day to clear your head, plan your day, and strategise before diving into the real work.

Catch up with the news

A lot must have happened while you were away so trying to find out about what’s new and what’s changed would come in handy. This way, you don’t get stuck up in the past while everyone has moved on.

Stay focused

There’s bound to be a bunch of distractions waiting for you back at the office, and a couple more outside. Don’t get carried away with gist and frivolities. Get the relevant news from your colleagues and head straight back to work. Try as much as you can to also avoid social media as well.

Take breaks

In the coming weeks, pledge to incorporate plenty of breaks, which should come in form of stepping out for lunch, taking a 2 minute catch-up break, taking late-morning walks, or rewarding yourself with a quick breath of fresh air mid-afternoon. The key is to give yourself a chance to decompress as you ramp back up.

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We know that the holidays could be hectic to get rid off and get back into work but if you follow these tips, you might make an otherwise hectic period just a bit less stressful and chaotic.

Wishing you a smooth transition back to work!