Don’t Let the Rain Stop Your Train. Read This

You can prevent the rain from ruining your day, or that your amazing outfit. These simple and smart tips will help you do just that.

The rainy season is in full swing, and if you live in urban areas across Nigeria, especially Lagos, there is a big chance that things are not going too smoothly at the moment. The chances of wet clothes and scraggy hair are greatly increased, and worse, you could miss important meetings or see your car damaged by flooded roads. Actually, these four tragedies could happen at the same time.

You can prevent the rain from ruining your day, or that your amazing outfit. These simple and smart tips will help you do just that:

  1. Check Weather Forecasts: That most people don’t pay attention to weather forecasts, does not mean that forecasts are not important. In fact, now is the best time to get closer to your weather forecasts, and it is all around you; in your phone, online and in your TV (silently tucked in after the news bulletin). Checking the weather forecast in advance helps you plan adequately and make better decisions on your daily activities, such as when to leave your house—or drive—and how you should dress for the day.


  1. Clear out your drainages: One of the main culprits of flooded streets is blocked drainages, of which people—who don’t clear their drainages—are often the accomplices. Clearing drainages goes a long way in preventing of flooding, which can destroy anything and everything, not least your home. It also prevents the mosquitos, and other unwelcome organisms, who can send you on a money-spending trip to the hospital.


  1. Stick to an Umbrella: Umbrellas come in multiple sizes and colours, make sure you get at least one and carry it wherever you go. If you have a car, then carrying an umbrella around is much easier, but that doesn’t mean you should jettison it because you are on foot. If you are so conscious of style, you can choose an umbrella that goes with your outfit, and if size is the biggest deal to you, then get a small umbrella that can go into your bag. Whatever the case, get an umbrella, and if you are so good at misplacing them, then maybe it’s time you checked out the next tip.


  1. Rock a raincoat: Raincoats are a great option if you are likely to misplace an umbrella. They also come in very handy in helping to those who need to walk in the rain but have their hands full. If you have bags or some equipment to carry and cannot free a hand to hold the umbrella up, the raincoat offers you this convenience. They also prove beneficial to motorcycle and bicycle riders too, and some are quite fashionable too!


  1. Invest in Water resistant Bags:You need to protect your books, gadgets or whatever you carry in your bag from water; under the rain, your highly admired top quality designer bag may not do that. Only a Water Resistant bag will. Get one today, but if you can’t, then make sure you always carry around some plastic groceries bags. They often come in handy to protect your valuables.


Got any more tips that has helped you through the rainy season? Share with us in the comments section.