5 Amazing Benefits of Going Out in the Rain

This might sound weird, but it’s a fact – taking a stroll under the rain and absorbing the showers is healthy for your body.

It’s the peak of rainy season, therefore the regular downpours are not out of place. Often times, the rain comes with so much cold, humidity, and leaves the roads wet, yet there is a lot you can gain from being in the rain.

This might sound weird, but it’s a fact – taking a stroll under the rain and absorbing the showers is healthy for your body. Humans benefit directly from the rain as much as plants do and it goes beyond allowing the drops fall on you. No wonder the popular reggae icon, Majek Fashek sang about his anticipation for a downpour in his hit song ‘Send down the Rain.’

Here are the reasons why you should go out in the rain

1. The smell of rain has a calming effect: Have you ever inhaled the fresh scent of air during rainfall? This distinct smell, called Petrichor, is a mixture of chemicals released by soil-dwelling bacteria, oils released from plants during dry spells and ozone created when lightning splits oxygen and nitrogen molecules. This combination does magic to the body when inhaled.
2. The cold weather is good for your skin: You do not need to worry about pimples and prickly heat during rainy season because the high levels of humidity in the air keeps your skin fresh, clean and supple. Researchers say when the humidity levels are above 43%, nearly 3/4 of airborne virus particles become powerless. Also, when you walk in the rain, you sweat less, and of course this reduces the chances of body odour, except in cases where you wear damp clothes and shoes for a long time.
3. It quenches the fire: Just like a hot pot gets chilled off by a rush of water, rain calms your brains nerves and puts off the internal heat. Although most females won’t want to get their hair catch up in the rain, it is a good way to cool off after a hot experience under the sun.
4. The roads are free: Most people look for the nearest shed to take cover once the cloud starts tearing, leaving the roads with less people, less cars and of course less traffic. Be reminded that the roads get crowded just after a heavy downpour, so going out while the shower is still on, sounds like a better option.
5. Walking in the rain burns more calories: According to some Japanese researchers in the International Journal of Sports Medicine, when a person does physical activities in cold, rainy weather, he or she burns more calories and fat than doing the same activity in a moderate weather. So, the next time it starts raining cats and dogs around you, grab the opportunity to get out and get soaked. However, trend with caution so you don’t fall ill from excessive exposure to cold.