From Your Holiday to The Office: 5 Ways to Transition Back to Work After the Vacation

Try to arrive at your desk in the morning with all the positivity you can convene and keep that momentum throughout the day

For many, holidays are a much needed get away – days or weeks of resting, reconnecting with loved ones, and starting new projects or catching up on old ones. You probably followed our guidelines for a great holiday and had a vacation more purposeful than your previous ones, but it’s time to get back to work.  Transitioning from the holiday spirit of restfulness and freedom into the work mode can be quite difficult that it’s enough to trigger something called post-holiday blues. According to Jen Christensen on, the horribleness is caused by extra stress on the body (from traveling, overeating, and not sleeping well), combined with the stark contrast of joy and freedom, to the drudgery of answering a million emails.

Many people do return from their holiday break feeling rested, and able to bounce back to work with a renewed zest and zeal. For others, re-adapting might be slower. If you’re in the latter group, then here are some ways to ease the transition back to work, and make you get in the grind again.


  1. Get to work earlier: On your first day back, it’s best to arrive at work a bit early. This will give you time and space to digest the fact you’re no longer on holiday, and it will allow time to catch up on emails and coworkers before work begins. Don’t use the period post-holiday break as an excuse to slack.


  1. Do one thing at a time: You may feel the urge to tackle numerous projects at a go in order to catch up on work but that’s not the most efficient strategy, it will lead to you getting stressed out which will counter the purpose of your holiday. Prioritize your work based on these questions: What projects were you working on before you left the office? What are the most important tasks to accomplish on your first day back?


  1. Remove unnecessary distractions: To make your transition back to work go as unruffled as possible, let go of obvious distractions. This way, you can work quickly and efficiently without being bothered every other minute. Switch off your cell phone, sign out of any social media accounts, and close out of computer programs and applications.


  1. Maintain a positive attitude:  Try to arrive at your desk in the morning with all the positivity you can convene and keep that momentum throughout the day. Don’t complain about the end of the holidays, or get overly caught up in your colleagues’ stories of their experiences during the break. Focus on the positives and getting your work done.


  1. Keep the fire burning: Take advantage of the break from your work by thinking of some new ideas. Didn’t think of any brilliant ideas while you were gone? The rest and distance from the job we give our brain while on vacation can give us a refreshed perspective on our work and the objectives of our enterprise. Before getting into the daily grind, brainstorm for a new idea or approach to something because before too long, you’ll inevitably fall back into the usual, “That will never work” syndrome. Take some action before the skepticism kicks in.


Do you have any tips or guides on how to make a holiday to workplace transition easier? Do share with us in the comments section.