5 Things to Consider Before Choosing a New School for your Child

Creating the right foundation for your child is essential in securing a better future and enrolling your child in the best school is one way to achieve that.

Are you planning to enroll your child in school for the first time this September, or you want to switch their school? This is the best time to plan for it. Creating the right foundation for your child is essential in securing a better future and enrolling your child in the best school is one way to achieve that.

School hunting can be as tedious as job hunting. However, it is important to be prepared with appropriate information just the same way you do before a job interview. When it comes to school hunting, the best schools are not necessarily the flashy ones with high fences and beautiful exteriors, they are the ones with consistent testimonials from a good number of parents whose kids study there.

Here are a few tips to guide you on your search for the optimal school.

  1. Does your child really need to switch schools?

Different parents have different reasons why they want to enroll their child into a particular school. It could be due to distance or relocation to a new area, child’s low performance in school, expensive school fees, or protecting the child from social hazards. Some parents enroll their child in a school just to uphold their reputation, even when it drains their pocket. Does your child really need to be in that school?

  1. Consider your child.

Your child should be the priority when it comes to your choice of school for them. Although, a child complaining about not liking a particular teacher or classmate, is not a good enough reason to consider changing their school. More serious issues like, needing special learning aids, getting academic excellence, less crowded classrooms, good care and attention, etc. are valid reasons to consider.

Understanding the strength of your child should come in handy when choosing a school. Aside having the standard teaching curriculum, some schools lay emphasis on equipping their library, some on their science laboratory, while some others channel more efforts in having the best teachers, best art club, and best modern technology. Go for a school with goals that are in line with your child’s future.

  1. Compare schools/fees

You do not need to visit every school to make inquiries. With the help of some online portals, you can search and compare schools based on criteria like cost, curricular, general standards and the specific features you need for your child. Your investigation should include knowing the school’s accreditation status, the owner‘s history, the teachers’ portfolio, school fees and payment package, security, transportation, after school services, modern facilities and more. This will help you narrow down to a list of top 3 choices.

  1. Ask other parents

Word of mouth sells faster than any advertorial. Although, it’s easier to get testimonials from online school portals, it is more reliable to get first hand appraisals from parents, teachers and even the scholars themselves.

So feel free to ask parents who have smart kids, and get every single detail you can about their school. The goal is to enroll your kids into a school that has a history of academic excellence.

  1. Visit the school

After being convinced that School A is the right school for your child, the next step is to visit the school premises, see their facilities and request for a chance to watch the students and how they interact with their teachers in class. This will help you clear or create any doubt as well as aid an informed decision.

All the best in your school hunt!