Helping Your Child to become Independent in Boarding School

Your child does not need to spend the first weeks of September in a drag trying to detach from you in order to fit into boarding school. These tips will help them stay independent.

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The long road of a new school session can be a big deal for parents as well as children, especially when the child is going off to boarding school. Nonetheless, everything can go well if you plan well. Your child does not need to spend the first weeks of September in a drag trying to detach from you and home after a long holiday of togetherness.

Here are some tips on things you can do to make your child independent and enjoy staying in school.

Equip your child

Provide everything your child needs in school, from beverages, to snacks, toiletries and pocket money. This will give them a sense of independence as well as comfort while in school. Avoid adding ‘strange’ or ‘new’ food items to their luggage as school is not the best place for your child to try a new meal.

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Keep in touch

It’s likely that your child is a bit scared of facing school stress during the first few weeks, but too nervous to say it. Call or visit your child more often at the beginning of the session to make sure he or she is settling in well. Engage your child in a good conversation and get him or her to tell you every of their concerns. This way, they won’t miss you that bad because they have most of the answers they need.

Find a caretaker 

Most boarding schools provide matrons and patrons for each child, as well as encourage school fathers and mothers. While there have been several sad stories about this tradition, you can personally sort for a reliable caretaker for your child. This person can be of any gender and should be someone your child is comfortable with.

Encourage extracurricular activities 

Your child will enjoy boarding school more when he or she is a huge part of an extra curricular activities. Encourage your child to join a club or team that appeals to a personal skill. It could be the school band, the art club, or sports team, allow your kids enjoy the full benefits of being in high school boarder.

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Basically, your child is safe in boarding school, so enjoy the times they are away and don’t miss them too much.