Five Ways to Manage Back-to-School Stress

The new school year comes with a new level of pressure. As a parent, you need a new strategy to help you stay calm and cut down on the usual back-to-school stress. We've got some tips for you.

For children, going from a hazy, lazy summer break, where the major activities are ‘eat, play and sleep,’ to waking up early, and going to school, can be a big change. For parents, it’s a greater change. The new school year comes with a new level of pressure and as a parent, you need a new strategy to help you stay calm and cut down on the back-to-school stress. We’ve got some tips for you.

1 . Identify what stresses you

It may be your sleeping habit, commuting pattern, school runs schedules, distance of your child’s school and more. What exactly makes your head bang during the day? Once you know what does not work for you, find out how to make it work. If you have a tight schedule and need a domestic help to assist with house chores and preparing your child for school, then go for it and maximize every means you can find to buy time to rest. Or consider carpooling your kids with your neighbors.

2. Plan ahead for school expenses 

Within the past two months of holiday, it is expected that you have saved up for your child’s school fees, back to school shopping and other expenses. This is one of the most pressing issues for most parents who do not earn so much.

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Nonetheless, if you haven’t fully raised your child’s school fees, you can call the school and inform them before hand, promising a date. This will prevent embarrassing scenarios where your child is sent back home and will ultimately reduce school fees pressure on your side. You can also take advantage of the GTBank Back to School package to help save and pay your child’s school fees.

3. End the day early

If you have a suckling child as well as a toddler who just started pre-school, you can get permission from your work place for the first few days to close an hour earlier. This will give you ample time to beat traffic and get home, while trying to adapt to the whole new level of stress. Try to go to bed early as well, so you and your kids can have enough sleep and wake up early to prepare for another day’s hustle.

4. Plan ahead for the week

Managing children can become a point of contention between couples, but by being pro-active, parents can prevent conflict from arising during back-to-school rush days. Engage your partner in productive conversations about planning for the family. ‘How are we going to manage the morning routine?’ Who takes the kids to school next week?, etc. are questions you should ask and agree on. Create a visual schedule to keep the whole family informed and reduce unnecessarily over-looking of responsibilities.

5. Listen to your child

Same as you, your child is probably going through some level of stress as well. Pay attention to their behaviors, complaints and needs. If your child is complaining about not wanting to go to school or having difficulty with their studies, figure out the root of the problem. Is it a teacher issue? Are they being bullied in school? Are they over-worked? Don’t wait till these situations escalate and weigh you down, resolve it at once by visiting the school if need be.

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In a nutshell, all work and no play makes Bola a dull girl. Provide healthy outlets for stress by giving yourself and child the gift of exercise, rest, nourishing meals, playtime, and of course humor! Allow your child express his or herself in creative and active ways as these could help cut down stress for them as well as bring happiness and fulfillment to you.