Summer is Over, how about your Fitness Goals?

Summer is over. It's time to get back to work. Here are some exercises you can do to catch up with your fitness goals.

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Just before summer, several people were eager to get a ‘summer body’ and exercised regularly to that effect. You probably munched a lot during your travels cos it’s all in the full holiday package. Well, summer is over. It’s time to get back to work. Here are some morning exercises you can do to catch up with your fitness goals.

1. Mountain to Forward Fold

This is simple and quick so you do not even have to change into your gym clothes for this exercise. Begin this exercise by standing straight, ensuring that your feet are firmly planted on the ground, and your arms are on your sides, like a soldier standing in ranks. Slowly bring your arms above your head, and then hinging at the hips. Bend down and bring your palms to the floor then repeat the routine.

2. The Lizard

This is one of the best exercises for the morning. Start the morning workout by placing your right foot forward, so you are now in a low lunge. Now proceed with positioning both of your hands on the floor and stretching your left leg. This could put you out of breath initially, so take deep breaths as you go. Hold this posture for five minutes then switch sides and repeat all the steps with the left foot.

3. Straddle Forward Fold

This workout also requires you to stand upright at the start and then spread your feet as far as possible. Follow this with going into a low lunge and placing your palms flat on the floor. Once your hands are on the ground, clasp them and lift them above your head. Do these for five minutes while making sure you take deep breaths and then lunge again.

4. The Cat/Camel Stretch

Stretching is a good way to say goodbye to your morning blues. This morning workout is easy and fast. First, get down on your hands and knees, then twist and turn your back to resemble the movement patterns of a camel, and then arch your back to look like a cat. Repeat these steps four to five times for fifteen minutes in the morning to get the best results.

5. Jumping Jacks

Jumping Jacks were the rave back in kindergarten, but who says you can’t enjoy its benefits now? It is highly beneficial for toning your calf muscles and deltoids as well as improving your cardiovascular system. You start by standing, guaranteeing that your feet are together. Then you jump and spread your arms and legs as far apart as possible. When you are back on the ground, bring your feet closer together again and repeat the said movement. Do these for 15 minutes or till you get tired.

6. Bicep Curl

This provides you with all the benefits of one. All you need for this is a pair of dumbbells and a place to sit. However, make sure that you sit a forward position, so your triceps can easily rest on your thighs. Then grip the dumbbell tightly and bring your arm towards your shoulder then back again to rest it on your thigh. Repeat this motion for 20 minutes each morning.

7. Planking

Begin by lying down on the floor and keeping your back parallel to it. Now raise your right arm and balance your entire body on it by rolling over to one side. Hold this position for five minutes and then do so again with your left arm. This is one of the best exercises for morning to not only strengthen your upper arms but also to get a burst of energy.

Remember, consistency is key in following through your fitness goals.