How to Beat Time on Every Occasion

How to Beat Time on Every Occasion

It’s better three hours too soon than a minute too late. Here are a few tips to help you beat time:

It’s better three hours too soon than a minute too late – Williams Shakespeare.

The usual “African time” phenomenon has been around for a long time and has unconsciously built a tradition of lateness among Nigerians. Nonetheless, lateness is said to be an exhibition of indiscipline and can be avoided by consciously making efforts to be early at everything.

Here are a few tips to help you beat time:

Take responsibility for being late

The first step to being early is to recognize that lateness is a bad habit, and take responsibility for the act whenever you fall into its nest. If you are late to an interview or a meeting, it’s wise to say you are sorry rather than blame it on traffic or any other insubstantial cause.

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On a flip side, you can give excuses for lateness and ride on the popular saying – Just being alive should make you late for everything because the dead are always on time.

Set your timer ahead

Have you ever experienced a feeling of victory when you arrived somewhere before everybody else? It felt good right? Re-setting your watch and clock to about 15minutes earlier would go a long way to help you meet up with time, in case you are still struggling with getting rid of the habit.

Wear a wrist watch

An employer once said he doesn’t hire anyone who doesn’t wear a wristwatch to an interview because he perceived the absence of a wristwatch to such person not being time-conscious. A watch is your personal timer that helps you track time, get one and make use of it.

Create daily tasks with timelines

One of the reasons you have not been meeting up with your schedules is probably because you plan your day without specific time targets attached to it. Most times, this leads to spilling one time made for one thing into another and then having limited time for an event that suffers the lateness. The best way is to stick to your time schedules for each task.

 Check the length of your shadow

Back in the days, our grandparents relied on the direction of the sun for time telling. It would be really cool if you can learn same as this will come in handy on days when you don’t have access to a timer.

According to a Science publication, if you are standing outside, your shadow is longer in the beginning and end of the day, and shorter toward the middle. Use this trick to stay abreast of time sometimes.

Leave home early 

Living in busy cities require extra time allowances to cover time spent in traffic. Except your house is just a stone throw away from your office, you should leave home as early as possible because showing up early at any occasion creates a good impression of you as well as gives you ample time to prepare for the day/event.

Get everything ready the night before

Mornings are usually rush hours so the best way to save time as a working class individual is to get ready for work the previous night. Make sure your clothes are sorted out, ironed and laid out, shoes are polished and breakfast is pre-set, so all you need do in the morning is bath, slide into your clothes and head out.

Sleep early

Once you have an early night rest, and wake up in good time, the chances of you arriving late to work or an event is really slim, except some circumstances beyond your control pops up. In a nutshell, an early sleeping habit combined with other aforementioned tips equips you with all you need to be early at every occasion.

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