SME Digital Training: Making the Most Out of Online Marketing

Irrespective of what business you are into, online is the best platform to market to a larger audience.

Irrespective of what business you are into, online is the best platform to market to a larger audience. Fliers, billboards, radio, TV and other conventional media of advertisement have been effective in the past years, however, most successful small businesses today credit their success to online publicity.

Beginning from Monday 21st August to 25th August 2017, over 500 small business owners are being lectured by Facebook facilitators on various ways to boost their sales using Facebook and other social media/online platforms. The event, as powered by GTbank, had in attendant entrepreneurs from different industries, ranging from consultancy, accounting to food, fashion and more.

One of the attendees of the event, Jennifer Akpabio of @Indulge 24/7, shared her excitement about exploring online marketing using tips she learnt from the Digital Skills Training. She already makes good sales from her physical store, however, hopes to invade the online market to drive more sales.

Jennifer Akpabio

Even smoothies can be marketed online and that’s exactly why Mary Dogun of @MaysChills attended the SME Digital Skills Training. According to the healthy drink entrepreneur, most of her sales come from Instagram orders and she intends to spread her products on various online platforms, especially Facebook.

Another attendees of the event, Jenny Gbadebo runs a physical store, Osata Supermarket. She was at the Digital Skills Training to learn about building online presence in order to mirror her competitors and improve sales.

Jenny Gbadebo

In the words of Oluchi Offor, an event planner and flower distributor, “there’s so much to take home from the SME Digital Skills Training and of course so much I can do to improve my flower business online.”

Okemini Otum, CEO of Rabbington Media and one of the Facilitators of the SME Training says online business owners now leverage on Podcasting, which is an easier way to engage your audience with audio recordings even when they are busy with their daily activities.

He also hinted on Facebook and Instagram live stories and how entrepreneurs can use those tools, asides several others, to boast their business presence online.

Attendees discussing in small groups