Keeping Your Home Space Simple, Less is More

Keeping Your Home Space Simple, Less is More

When it comes to the interiors of your home, being minimal is best. How do you create space in a home jam-packed with items that has so many memories? Find out how!

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When it comes to the interiors of your home, being minimal is best. Minimalist design schemes have a definite place in modern homes and continue to be a delight to the eyes. Our fathers preferred to decorate the homes we grew in with every single item they could lay their hands on, making the rooms tighter and smaller – more isn’t classy.

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How then do you create space in a home that is already jam-packed? It’s not an easy task to throw away things in your home, especially the ones that has so many memories to it. Nonetheless, see how to make the interiors of your home simple, urban and stylish.

1. Arrange one room at a time

Make a list of the rooms you wish to tackle in order of how and when you will do them. In this way, you can approach a large undertaking with a prevailing sense of order and organization, which will, in turn, help you to keep a tight control on what needs to go and what you need to add.

2. Start with the furniture

A simple home space has a massive impact on the styles of furniture that you install in your home, as they will normally feature clear lines, as well as fresh, bright and friendly colors. White sofas add class and simplicity to a home but is pretty hard to maintain. Neutral colors are always better in terms of maintenance and blending in with other items in the room.

3. Keep only important things

You should absolutely keep some of  the things you need, while trying to scale back on the purely decorative additions that make for a busy space, but don’t throw everything else out! We recommend that you pop these extraneous pieces into storage, in case you find a need for them in the future.

4. Free the floor

It doesn’t matter what you choose as your floor covering when trying out some minimal living, but it is critical that you keep the entire surface as clear as possible! To that end, toys, full rugs, shoes and other bits of clutter are a total no-no! Essentially, you want to be creating large, uninterrupted surfaces, so if it doesn’t belong to the home, tidy it away!

5. Tidy your surfaces

Similarly to your floor, your sideboards, tables and flat surfaces all need to be kept remarkably accessory-free, if you are truly determined to make space in your home. You don’t have to hide literally everything away, but take away at least half of your unnecessary pieces, especially in the living room!

6. Keep the walls bare

Minimal decorating is commonly characterized by the absence, or limited use, of pictures, posters and wall papers, but if you know that you really can’t bear the thought of a life without art, don’t worry, as you can still install a few well thought out pieces, while enjoying a more minimal space.

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Just keep your choices to a small number and always think about the color scheme that you’ll be working with. The colour of your room also adds a major ambiance to the room. You can never go wrong with an all white wall, but can you maintain it?

7. Store the pieces you have no more need for

As stated earlier, don’t feel as though you need to throw everything you own away, in a bid to create more space in your apartment. A better approach is to stash every thing picked out in storage, bearing in mind that you may need them in the future. You wouldn’t want to re-purchase everything you once owned, would you?