#Memorable Food Experiences: Memories Created at Home

The food I made was so delicious that my daddy asked me to bring more. My mummy was a bit jealous, but I was just happy that my family enjoyed the meal.

Memorable food moments aren’t restricted to dramatic encounters on travels, sumptuous meals at events, or good buys at restaurants; they could occur at home. And they do.



I am Elizabeth from the western part of Nigeria. My memorable food experience was the day I wanted to change the taste of dinner in my house. Due to the fact that I was from a Yoruba family we were Limited to some specific soups like ewedu, efo riro etc.

One day I took the challenge to Google and searched for other indigenous soups and I came up with Afang soup which is common with Calabar people. I wrote out the ingredients, went to the market and bought everything needed. The Calabar woman selling them asked if I was a Yoruba girl and I said yes; she was amazed and glad to teach me how to prepare the soup.

When I got home I followed the steps I got from Google and also all that the woman told me. The aroma got the attention of my neighbours and they kept on asking who was cooking. I had to buy Fufu, because the woman told me it goes awesomely well when you eat it with Fufu.

It was so delicious that my daddy asked me to bring more. My mummy was a bit jealous, but I was just happy that my family enjoyed the meal.




I really enjoy having meals, especially when it is well prepared. The food experience I won’t ever forget was this stew prepared by my friend, Stanley. I really enjoy cooking, but when it comes to making stew, I give way for him.

It was a Sunday; I was so tired so I pleaded with him to cook while I prepared everything he would need. He accepted. I prepared everything needed for the cooking. He prepared the food and, trust me, it gave me that delicious taste I needed. If I wasn’t there I wouldn’t have believed he made the stew. He proved to me that he is really a great cook. I almost finished the four cups of rice we boiled that day.

I still look forward to him coming around again.




My most memorable meal was my first attempt at making coconut swallow and efo riro. Going through the process of making the flour from my coconut pulp… breaking, drinking the coconut water, extracting the coconut from it shell, peeling off the brown back, dicing for easy blend, extracting raw coconut  milk for my coconut oat meal, oven drying the shaft and re-blending the smooth flour.

Then I put water on my cooker and allowed it to boil, then added flour and a table spoon of psyllium husk. I stirred and stirred to get a smooth texture.

Then I put in my flat plate and left open for some fresh air. I enjoyed my meal with about five main players running around (my chopped pomo, smoked panla fish, crayfish, roasted isan, and locust beaekiti).

I stepped it down with very chilled water.




My Most Memorable food experience took place today Saturday, April 22, 2017 in my father’s house at Nsukka.

It had been a very long time I ate my nice local food “Ayaraya oka” (roughly grounded maize) and “fiofio” (fresh local bean pods). For two weeks we had been planning to cook the food but didn’t have the money, but it eventually came to pass. My twin brother and I got the money needed for the ingredients. I went to the market to buy them, and as I was returning, there was a traffic jam.

Suddenly, someone grabbed my bag and ran away with it. I started crying, I stopped the bike man carrying me. People around felt sorry for me and gave me some money. I went back to the market and bought the ingredients again.

When I got home, my cousin sister came by, and she helped us prepare the food. My twin brother and I were watching football highlights, and my cousin sister went to have her bath, so the food got burnt. I ate it like that, and it hurt my stomach, making me visit the restroom several times. I had to go and buy drugs for my stomach.

So, once I saw this call to share memorable food experiences, I had to share this story.