Little Black Dress: Different ways to style it up

The famous Little Black Dress (LBD) is more than a dress, it is a citizen of every woman's wardrobe. Let's assist you in styling your little black dress in different ways.

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The famous Little Black Dress (LBD) is more than a dress, it is a citizen of every woman’s wardrobe. Asides it’s easy nature to wear, LBD looks good on any body size, shape and completion. You can wear just one little black dress to four different events and still pull it off nicely looking different. All you need is a few tricks and beautiful accessories to make that happen.

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Let’s assist you in styling your little black dress in different ways. Here are some of the accessories that will boast your LBD.

Pop socks

Ankle-length tights and pop socks really looks nice when worn with the little black dress. It gives you a royal look and helps cover up excessive limb skin as well. The tights could be plain, dotted or patterned and will work just fine in any color.

Add some colors

All black; dress, shoes and accessories is cool, but you need to brighten up the look with colored ear-rings, bag and shoes. White is not a color so try shades like red, blue, gold, simmering silver, beige – colors that will transform your boring black dress into a vibrant and stylish outfit.

Embellish the neckline 

A statement necklace on your little black dress transforms the outfit from either drab to classy, or casual to occasional. For a more dramatic effect, try a very bold and off color necklace. It is better not to match any other accessory with the color of the necklace – let it stand out.

Wear a jacket

A colored blazer or jacket on your LBD can serve you to work and after work. Simply take off the jacket afterwards when its time for a hang out. A black or white jacket will go with the outfit as well, just know when to use which shade.

Style with a slim belt

What better way to show off your figure than to add a belt around your waist? This distinct demarcation accentuates your hips and gives you a more fit frame.

Wear all black underwear

It’s always advised to wear dark underwear under black outfits for decency sake. Try to avoid the mistake of wearing white under your little black dress, it’ll just ruin the beauty of the outfit.

Pair with sneakers

Wearing a dress and a pair of sneakers is one of the latest female trends this season, you should try this bold move.

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It allows you to move freely and also adds youthfulness to your appearance.

Add a fishnet on top

If you are not comfortable wearing a tank, spaghetti-strap or tube LBD, you can add a sheer fishnet or mesh dress/jacket to cover up some flesh.

10. Use a scarf

A colorful scarf tied around your neck or waist will make you appreciate your LBD more than you would if you wore it plan.

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