Must have Fashion items for every Woman

Wardrobe essentials are just what they are - you must have them in your wardrobe no matter what. Here are some of the fashion accessories every woman must own.

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Wardrobe essentials are just what they are – you must have them in your wardrobe no matter what. It’s always good to have a variety of clothes for different occasions, but some items are a necessity for every woman. These are some of the fashion accessories you must own as a woman.

Black flat shoes

Black is a universal shade and it is the best colour choice to go for if you are buying an item for regular use. A black flat shoe is what some people call ‘knock about’ – you can wear it to anywhere under every circumstance. Just like the LBD, black flat shoes go well with any outfit and is very comfortable to wear.

Blue Jeans

What’s there not to have a pair of blue jeans in your wardrobe? Throw on a shirt, a top, a blouse or anything on it and you are good to go. Blue jeans are indeed a lady’s best wardrobe piece.

Little black dress

The importance of the famous LBD can not be over-emphasized. A lady’s wardrobe void of this item is literally empty.

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Every woman needs to own a little black dress, more than one even. You can never go wrong with this outfit because dressing up in it is quite simply – any color of add-on goes perfectly.

Statement necklace/earrings

For a touch of class, you need a bold necklace or ear ring to step up that casual look. It doesn’t have to be the same colour with your outfit, it just has to be bold and beautiful. If you lack one, get one when next you go shopping.

Red Lipstick

According to a popular quote, girls who can wear red lipstick and pull it off are usually the most dangerous people.

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Red lipstick is a lady’s armor and sex charm – It distracts an onlooker from every other feature, gaining all the shine of an instant style booster. Try it on when next you want to look fierce but charming.

Bold wrist watch

Gone are the days when women wear slim band watches on their wrist – bold bands wrist watches are the new time keepers. Get one, if you lack one.

Flattery gold slippers

A casual look can be crowned with a statement slippers or sandals, and gold is the best colour to achieve that. Make sure to have a good nail polish on whenever you rock a gold slippers – they complement each other very well.

Black handbag

This is a basic must have for every lady. Adorn your wardrobe with a high quality black handbag that will boast your appearance even when you are dressed in the simplest attire.

Neutral color hair band    

For starters, a neutral color hair band is essential. But if you can afford more than one, get your three most used colors. Hair band adds decency to you hair and is a better item than rubber band for pulling your hair backwards.

Red nail polish

There’s this thing about red – it pops and makes every color next to it look good. Every woman, irrespective of color, needs a red nail polish not just for regular use but for emergencies where you get access your pedicurist and need instant nail makeover for an event or outing.

There are a lot more items your wardrobe must have. Share your suggestions with us on the comment session below.

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