The Best Wines In The World

Life is too short to drink bad wine.

“Life is too short to drink bad wine.”― Cliff Hakim

700,930. That’s the exact number of wines that were evaluated this year from over 50,000 wine producers in 80 international wine shows all in a bid to find the best wines, wineries and wine producing nations in the world who continue to demonstrate quality and consistency in the making of great wine. The rating, which is tagged as the “World Ranking of Wines & Spirits (WRW&S),” is the most prestigious global ranking system, first founded in 1996 by the World Association of Wine Writers and Journalists.

These awards/rankings are based on the 80 wine contests held worldwide, with each competition given a point value that’s added to the wine’s total score. This way, it’s not just one competition and one set of judges choosing the best wines, it is the cumulative value of the best wines across the globe.

Here is a list of the best wines, wineries and wine producing nations in the world

Top Ten Wines in the World and their Country of origin Top Ten Wine producing Countries of 2017
1. Taylors Jaraman Shiraz 2014 -Australia France
2. Taylors St Andrews Single Vineyard Release Australia Shiraz Clare Valley 2013 – Australia USA
3. Noe Pedro Ximenez Vors- Spain Spain
4. Taylors St Andrews Single Vineyard Release Australia Shiraz Clare Valley 2014 – Australia Italy
5. Casa Perini Moscatel – Brazil Australia
6. Beronia Rioja Reserva 2011- Spain Portugal
7. Los Noques Finca Don Juan 2013 – Argentina Chile
8. Matusalem Oloroso Dulce Muy Viejo VORS- Spain Argentina
9. Taylors Shiraz Clare Valley 2015 – Australia South Africa
10. . Beviam Gran Reserva Cabernet Argentina Sauvignon 2012 – Argentina New Zealand

“Wine makes every meal an occasion, every table more elegant, every day more civilized.” ― Andre Simon

Map showing the top ten wine producing countries in the world.

Perhaps the most surprising thing about the best wine in the world, Taylors Jaraman Shiraz which is from Taylors/Wakefield Wines in Australia (the #1 winery in the world for 2017 is that it goes for 30$ (N10,800.00)

This ranking comes on the heels on a heels of a report by The Knight Frank Luxury Investment Index  that fine wine is now the best-performing collectible of the world’s wealthy collectors, with values soaring 25 percent over the past 12 months.

The Knight Frank Luxury Investment Index, which tracks the price growth in the major categories of collectibles, found that wine has replaced classic cars as the top collectible. Thanks to strength in Bordeaux, Burgundy and northern Italian wines. Collectible wine prices surged 25 percent over the past year and are up to 61 percent over the past five years, the report says.

What else can one drink and also invest in? This brings to mind a quote by Anthony T Hincks “You can be drunk on wine. You can be drunk on success. I’m just drunk on the success of my wine.”