Black Friday Sales; How to make the best of it

As an entrepreneur, black Friday and it's cousin, Cyber Monday are the best time to make the biggest sales for the year. Here is how to make the best of the season.

As an entrepreneur, black Friday and it’s cousin, Cyber Monday are the best time to make the biggest sales for the year. Once you miss these two days, you’ve missed a major profit.

Considering the importance of these days, it is necessary that you plan for it, especially Black Friday, rather than leave it to chance.

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Here is how to make the best of Black Friday sales.

1. Email marketing

This is the first step in getting people into your store this Black Friday. Send them a preview of your best deals via email. You can also include text messaging, adding the URL leading to these deals.

2. Stuck up 

You don’t want a situation where people will be asking for some items that you don’t have. Try to have as many things as people would want to buy from your shop.

3. Make actual discounts

Black Friday is all about sales and discounts, so it will be repelling for customers to visit your stall only to find your prices the same as before. Worse still, most sellers hike the prices of items just before the big day and then slash them to the original price during Black Friday – this is quite a deceitful kind of sales. Dare to be different.

4. Get more staff

Whether online or physical, your store will definitely get traffic this period and the worse thing you can do to your customers is to keep them waiting on a queue. Get more hands to facilitate sales.

5. Get a POS

What is sales without payments? Your Black Friday sales will be swifter when you have a POS for customers to swipe and pay. If you run a GTBank business account, kindly visit the nearest branch to get a POS.

This way, you don’t have to worry about making numerous trips to the bank to make deposits as your money is swiped directly to your account.

6. Take a data base of customers

Every one-time buyer is a potential serial buyer. So you need to establish a relationship with your Black Friday shoppers. Loyalty cards is one way to get the contacts of everyone who walks through your store. So add that feature at the pay point where their contacts will be obtained via the registration for a card.

7. Add the Hashtag

Hashtags are known to draw attention and engagements to a trend. So endeavor to add the BlackFriday hashtag when advertising your products on social media. People might just stumble into your store while browsing through the hashtags.

8. Make your sites user friendly

Not everyone is as internet savvy as you are. Therefore your e-commerce site should not be dramatic or confusing, make it simple. Also, the payment checkout should be functional else customers will window shop and move away to other shops with easier payment procedures.

9. Reliable Delivery  

Don’t be the brand that delivers Black Friday purchase on Christmas day. Make sure your despatch guys are on standby to get every item across to the owner within 48-hours of purchase (intrastate), and nothing more than 5 working days (within a country.)


10. Follow up for Cyber Monday Sales

Immediately after the Friday comes the Monday where everyone goes cyber. So make use of the contacts you got during the Friday to market cyber Monday sales to your customers.

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11. Keep in touch

Black Friday never ends. Keep in touch with your customers all through the year so they can patronize you again next Black Friday.

Cheers to a successful Black Friday Sales!