How to Shop Right for Christmas

The season of shopping and spending more is here. These shopping tips will help you shop right and save more for the year ahead.

The season of shopping and spending more is here and if you are not careful, you might end up broke before the end of the year.

We care enough to want the best for you, hence, the reason for this article. The best time to buy your Christmas clothes, groceries and decorations is now. The closer it gets to the festive season, the more expensive things are and sometimes, even when you don’t mind paying any cost for a product, they just are not available for purchase.

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This is why we advise the long tradition of being ahead of the mass. Let’s guide you through how to shop right this season.

Shop now

If January is never too early to shop for Christmas, and November is just the right time, now is the best time. You don’t have to wait till everyone is going shopping before you start yours.

Grab discounts

With the likes of SMEMarketHub Black November, the world popular Black Friday and Cyber Monday, there are a lot of amazing deals you can get with huge discounts. Save more by embracing these discounts.

Book ahead

Shopping includes booking flights for your vacation, making reservations for hotels, booking your make up artiste before hand, getting vouchers for events ahead of time and more. Business owners are usually excited to have prepaid bookings in advance as this gives them guaranteed sales as well as money to put things in place. Therefore they give preferences to the early birds.

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Booking ahead is usually safer as it not only allows you enjoy amazing discounts, but saves you the stress of running around looking for help at the last minute. You can even get movie tickets ahead of time at a lower price. Saves you money, and time spent on queues.

Go digital

Shopping online saves time and gives you a wider range of options to pick from. Bearing in mind that physical stores, markets and supermarkets gets more traffic during this season, you can shop at the comfort of your home, using your card. Except on some items that require purchasing the conventional way, try going digital this season.

Pay with your card

When was the last time you received ‘change’ for paying N5,000 cash for a product worth N4, 879? Card payments help you pay the exact amount of money for the goods or services purchased. It also guides your budget, especially when using the GTBank Utility Card.

Stick to your list

Sticking to your list, means sticking to your budget. It’s not every beautiful item you find on a stall that is worth owning. Some spontaneous purchase usually end up being a regretful decision. Stick to the plan and buy only what you need.

Buy something for someone

It’s the season of love and sharing. Your shopping experience isn’t complete until you have gotten a gift for someone. It doesn’t have to be anything dramatic or bank-breaking; it’s really not about the gift, but the intent for giving.

In a nutshell, shop with someone in mind – it’s the best way to shop right this season.