Office Vibes: The secret plan of the Hotelier

Mabel, a fresh university graduate in search of a job, finds herself working in an unsuitable environment for a boss who has a well-planned strategy to frustrate his employees.

Her white shirt had gown pale and was all wet and transparent, soaked with her own sweat. Her eyes were red hot and her lashes were covered with dust, thanks to the scorching harmattan sun. It was not a good day for a long trek but Mabel did trek from Maryland to Surulere. It’s like trekking from Rumukwrusi to Rumuola in Port-Harcourt, or from Watt market to 8 miles in Calabar. If it were a road walk contest, Mabel would have beaten the winner to the trophy, but in a case where transport fair was unavailable, the 24-year old congratulated herself for breaking her walking records.

Mabel exhaled in relieve after using her last strength to knock at the gate that led to her destination. At that point, all she needed was a cold bath, a nutritious meal and a massage to do justice to her exhausted body before proceeding for her interview.

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“Akshually your credentials are quite impressive Miss Mabel,” the interviewer commented. “Second class upper in Estate Management from University of Nigeria, but you have no akshual experience at all. This job requires 5 years experience, how are we sure you are akshually competent for the position?” he queried.

“Sir!” Mabel replied, “I am a fresh graduate, and this would be my 1st job if you employ me. I may not have any formal experience but I have good people management skills, I am smart, and hardworking, I am Computer Literate, I am…

“hey,” he interrupted, “what would you akshually be doing with computer here? This is not an I.T company. I expect to hear…I am 5ft 7″ tall, I am good looking, very endowed, fun to be with and more interesting qualifications like that. This is an hotel where you will be managing men not estates.”

Mabel eyes widened in shock and then deepened as her tear duct got closer to it’s brim. She didn’t want to think of all the stress she went through to get to the hotel where she was being interrogated by the M.D, who was in his early forties but had an air of an old school headmaster.

Mr. James, as he introduced himself as earlier, had his 5 feet body packaged in a pale yellow shirt that made him look anaemic. His beards were newly shaved making the unripe bumps around his lower jaw to glow. The light on the wall shone on his bald head like sunset on a beach, and his English was so disjointed that he kept repeating his errors.

“Ehmmm, akshually, I normally don’t do this, but I’ll give you this job because you are a nice girl…. eh eh eh… don’t thank me yet,” he said waving off Mabel who was already on her knees in appreciation.

“Thank you very much sir, am grateful,” she replied with a huge grin and relief on her face. “When do I start Sir.”

“You can start on Monday, but eh!”

… To be Continued