Office Vibes: The secret plan of the Hotelier [Part 2]

Mabel, a fresh university graduate in search of a job, finds herself working for a boss who has a well-planned strategy to outwit his employees.
A continuation of Office Vibes: The secret plan of the Hotelier.

Mabel heaved a sigh of relief, at last she finally got a job. Although she did not get the kind of job she had wished for, she reminded herself that it was just a phase and life would be better when her 3 months probation was over.

Within the first month, Mabel worked as a receptionist, waitress, accountant and cook. Mr. James wanted to be sure of where to finally place her, and at the end of four weeks, was convinced that Mabel would function better as a waitress.

It was a bundle of stress for Mabel to work 12 hours everyday, but her consolations were the free lunch and her monthly pro-bono of N15,000, which was barely enough to cover her transportation fare. However, in the months that followed, she got used to the routine.

Asides serving guests and making sure the customers were happy and comfortable, Mabel served as Mr James informal personal assistant; he sent her on any and every errand. From scheduling his day to downloading movies for him, Mabel did most things.

On the other hand, all Mr James did was make calls and order his employees around. He was not tech savvy, but he had the latest gadgets and was one of the first persons to buy Iphone X.

The day after he got the new phone, he wanted to transfer money to a drink vendor when he realized his GTWorld application was on his old phone which he already gave out. So he asked Mabel to help him download the app to the new phone. Mabel was trying to install the app when a WhatsApp message popped up.

Sir Boss: Okay! We should start looking for a new waitress . . .

Mabel quickly opened the message and scrolled up to see the previous chats between the hotel owner and Mr James.

Sir Boss: This new method is working pretty fine.

James: Yes Sir, it is. 3 waitresses in 9 months have saved us some money.

Sir Boss: Nice! so when is this lady due for dismissal?

James: In a week Sir, her probation will be over. I’ll tell her the usual “we were not impressed… we no longer need her services…” BS.

Sir Boss: Okay! We should start looking for a new waitress. . . Lagos is filled with jobless people.