Think Fashion is Superficial? Read This

The bottom line is be yourself and you will always be in fashion. Nothing superficial about that.

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Fashion often gets a bad rap. It’s overlooked by some as a pursuit of worldly glitz and glamour exclusively reserved for the wealthy or as a creative space meant only for women, but fashion is bigger and wider than that.

Fashion, just like sculpting, painting, or music, is an art, a means of creative expression. Designers are the painters and the beautiful models and mannequins are the canvasses and paper used to showcase their creations to the world. The love for fashion and clothing is not limited to only women and those regarded as thin and beautiful.

The true purpose of fashion is to bring light unto the statement, “love yourself for who you are” and “all sizes are beautiful,” as the utilisation of various styles and colours is what makes you highlight the features you are most proud of and love yourself even more. Little wonder, some of the biggest fashion icons in the world today are champions of self expression, creativity, and authenticity. Their influence has gone beyond the fashion world and inspires the world at large.

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How about trends you might say? And the constant peer pressure to stay in style? Fashion is one art form that gives you the room to break the rules which is ironic because most of the rules keep changing. Fashion does not believe in following the same routine even if it’s an interesting one. Every season comes with change and a breakaway from the usual. Trends tend to break the status quo by offering new and exciting styles and designs, instead of seeing trends as a rule that must be followed strictly, you could see it as a guideline on what to wear in addition to your own style.

Fashion, despite its misconceptions, is something that everyone can be a part of. Whether you’re a woman who’s comfortable dressing in a more masculine manner or vice versa. This industry has always encouraged everyone to embrace their uniqueness and express themselves according to who they really are long before the rest of the world was ready to embrace it.

Beyond that, fashion is also a strong and viable means for economic growth. Fashion provides jobs beyond being just a designer or model, some job opportunities in fashion include retailing, fashion photography, stylist amongst many others. Also, buying from local fashion businesses does more than you might think. Supporting local fashion businesses reinforces the strength of local communities and the Nation as well. It provides the best solution for building our National economy by building the most solid foundation imaginable: Nigerian citizens once again buying Nigerian-Made products especially clothes.

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The bottom line is be yourself and you will always be in fashion. Nothing superficial about that. To learn more about the business and authenticity of fashion, register for master classes orchestrated by world class teachers at the GTBank Fashion Weekend here: