Want to be a Boss? Checkout these unique career opportunities in the Fashion Industry

Asides designing, tailoring and modelling, here are more career opportunities in the fashion industry you can explore.

The most rampant businesses in Nigeria are small businesses owned and managed by one or two individuals. This shows that Nigerians are very industrious and a lot more people are interested in entrepreneurship than they are in getting employed in white collar jobs. In the Fashion Industry, there are a lot of opportunities to explore and make a lucrative career out of while creating jobs for yourself and other people.

In most cases, the fashion industry is saturated with people who design, sew, and model. While the designers create the styles, the tailors bring these designs to life, leaving the models to showcase the finished products to the customers.

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Asides these three popular areas of fashion entrepreneurship, there are more career opportunities in the field you can consider. Let’s check them out.

Fashion Illustration

Fashion illustrators work with designers to create conceptual sketches and illustrations of fashion products, including clothing, shoes and accessories. In addition, illustrators produce advertising copy and images for promotional material in print and online.

Credits: Left to right: @viera_amber, @modustarart, @celafrique

For inspiration, you can check out the works of British fashion illustrator and designer, Giles Deacon, one of the GTBank Fashion Weekend Masterclass coach.


Some individuals, especially celebrities and wealthy people, do not have time to go shopping, or do not know the best outfits to wear to certain occasions. As a shopper, your good sense of fashion is all you need to turn your skill into a budding business venture. First, you would require a client list, good communication and a host of reliable fashion retailers who stock quality and affordable outfits and fashion accessories.

Fashion Photography

Just like there are make up photographers, wedding photographers, etc. there are people whose camera niche is Fashion. You need good camera, lenses, fashionable personalities to use as muse as well as beautiful locations to make your photos pop.


Clothes and other fashion accessories are always on demand, therefore becoming a retail buyer is a brilliant decision. You simply need to study the market, trends, seasons, work within your budget, and the demand of your client to determine the type of products you will be selling.


Merchandising requires working closely with the buying team to ensure products appear in store, in the right quantities at the right time. To do this effectively, you need eyes for good fabrics and efficiency in monitoring stock and sales performance.

Fabric Manufacturing

The highly used Nigerian Akwete fabric is named after a small town called Akwete in Abia State, where the people’s main craft was looming the fabric. Today, the producers of the fabric are not as many as the people who wear it.

Akwete Producer at the GTBank Fashion Weekend Craft market

Therefore learning to use a loomer (the equipment used in making Akwete) will not only give you a skill but make you a manufacture of fabric.

Fashion Blogging

Fashion writers in Nigeria do not get paid and recognition until they have become big. So for starters, you need to start writing and publishing articles on fashion items, tips, events, and also review fashion products by big brands. You can sell your articles to newspapers, magazines, fashion websites and fashion lifestyle TV shows, or simply publish them on your personal platforms.

Hair & make up

This is one of the fastest growing fashion business in Nigeria as it is a must-do/use for every female, irrespective of their social status. You can start this business from home, offer home services, make tutorial videos, and use social media as your marketing tool.

Jewelry Making
There are many different ways of getting into the jewelry business and many different types of materials to work with. Working with metal will probably require the most sophisticated tools, for heating and manipulating the accessories. Glass, feathers, wood, plastic, beads, and other materials can also be used to make good jewelry as well.

Fashion Collection

Being a Fashion buyer requires a huge some of money as it is more of an investment than a regular retail business. One of the Masterclass coaches of the upcoming GTBank Fashion Weekend, Rebecca Osei-Baidoo, is a renowned buyer of women wears.

Also, Jamie Chua is a huge fan of Hermes brand and owns over 200 Hermes Birkin and Kelly Bags, valued at £1.6M, making the record of the world’s biggest Hermes bag. Basically, what fashion buyers and collectors do is gather items that they love, and stock for use and sale at a higher rate later on.

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To meet various businesses owners in any of these fashion areas, plan to attend the GTBank Fashion Weekend holding this November – 11th and 12th. The event offers an exquisite shopping experience from over 80 Small businesses of Nigerian and international brands, in the area of textiles, ready to wear apparels, footwear, jewelry and accessories, hair and beauty products, on-the- spot crafts and more. You can chat with these business owners, carry out survey as well as buy, test and compare products, as a way of broadening your scope on how to become a fashion entrepreneur.