Fashion Is Here

Ever wondered what the world would look like littered with humans walking around wrapped in leaves? Fashion is indeed a human essential.

Ever wondered what the world would look like littered with humans walking around wrapped in leaves? Everyone would probably have little or nothing to differentiate them from the rest, asides having no shield from cold and sun.

Just like Food and Drink, Fashion is one of the three essentials of mankind and requires some emphasis  always, especially in this season – we can’t do without dressing up, can we?

Fashion is here. Yes! The biggest fashion event showcasing Africa’s finest trends and styles is happening right here in Lagos Nigeria – the GTBank Fashion Weekend.

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Styles emanating from our local fabrics, patterns splashed out from tie and dye, colors replicating our mood, wildlife and vegetation, Africa’s finest fashion comes from our very own root and is best expressed at the GTBank Fashion Weekend.

Come 11th and 12th, November 2017, Plot 1 Water Corporation Drive, Oniru, Victoria Island, Lagos opens its gates to fashion enthusiasts for the once-in-a-year fashion experience. If you think last years’ GTBank Fashion Weekend was great, wait till this year’s event redefines what a fashion show should be.

For us, fashion is not just about clothes but colors, ideas, passion, innovation and fun! It’s the past, present and future all elegantly draped on our beautiful skin. It’s the rhythm of Africa’s unconquerable heart luring you to live brighter, dance harder, and soar higher. Fashion for us is…you exploring your unique fashion sense.

This sophomore edition of the GTBank Fashion Weekend explores fashion in all sense. It features entrepreneurs in all shades of the fashion business; stylists, models, designers, makeup artistes, fashion retailers, fashion blogger, fashion concierges/shoppers, magazine editors and more.

One of the highlights of the event is the various MasterClasses hosted by industry experts. Miss J, one time coach of the popular America’s Next Model TV show, is just one out of the pack. Our runway will unveil new and trendy designs from Nigeria’s most enterprising designers exhibited by the finest models across Africa; from Rwanda, Ethiopia, and Tanzania and of course Nigeria.

The crux of the event is the display of Africa’s finest outfits and fashion accessories in the retail market, where you can shop from a wide range of brands and products. The craft and fabric market is also open to all. You can buy fabrics in the morning, get one of the tailors to sew them while you enjoy the rest of the event and pick them up later on the same day.

Masterclasses, Runway exhibitions, and sales after sales is the order of the day. Wouldn’t you rather be a part of this annual fashion timeline? Get a glimpse of what the GTBank Fashion Weekend is all about in the video below.

Watch the trailer: Fashion Timeline (a film)

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