Good Deeds: Ways to show love this season

What have you done for someone this season, especially a stranger or someone outside your close circle? Well, if you are yet to decide who to show love to and how, then you should try out some of these suggestions.

This is the season we’ve all been waiting for; where we get to share love with friends and family like never before. Although good deeds are not limited to Christmas alone, people tend to be good and give more during this time of the year.

We’ve been on the journey – 25 days of Kindness and we’d love you to key into the spirit of good deeds. What have you done for someone this season, especially a stranger or someone outside your close circle? Well, if you are yet to decide who to show love to and how to get it done, here are some cool suggestions;

Share love and gifts to All and Sundry, especially the less privileged and the undeserving. Bearing in mind that good deeds is not trade by barter. Show love to people without expecting anything in return.

Ways to show love

Make Christmas memorable for someone

Christmas is all about love, family and happiness, however, not everyone is opportune to have friends and family to share love with. Take it upon yourself to locate such persons and make their Christmas memorable. Be creative and tailor your plans to suit the person’s personality.

Surprise someone with a hug

A simple hug has the power to produce oxytocin, the love hormone, which helps to reduce stress and boost emotional and physical health. Your hug might just be all a depressed person needs to be happy.

Share titles of books that has impacted your life

Books are the best teachers and by recommending some life changing books to someone, you are indirectly impacting on the person’s life – something they will always remember you for.

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Encourage someone 

Most people are going through a terrible phase in their life and just need someone to stand by them, give them some piece of advise and encouragement that will help them move to the next phase. Be that person they can lean on.

Compliment someone

Saying ‘you look good’ has never made anyone look better, but has made a lot of people feel better about them self. Learn to compliment people more, especially persons battling with low self-esteem. Also, try to replace ‘you’ve added weight’ with ‘you’ve grown,’ as the later is a better compliment, considering how hard it is for most people to stay in shape.

Buy a gift for someone

It doesn’t have to be something big, but it should be thoughtful – an essential to the receiver. You never know how long your gift would go in making someone’s Christmas more memorable.

Visit your family

Parents across the world always look forward to seeing their kids and grand kids come back home for Christmas. This Christmas, endeavor to visit your parents, spouse and some other close family members.

Let someone go ahead of you in traffic

No matter how rugged traffic gets, be the nice guy that will allow one or two cars go ahead of you. It’s one of the most difficult things to do during rush hours, but it’s doable.

Nominate a champ

One of the ways to show love to someone this season is to nominate your favorite road champion, any exceptional traffic warden that has contributed to making your road trips easier over the years. We would like to reward them for their service with an orange sack package filled with gifts. Kindly fill out this form to nominate your favourite traffic warden; .

It pays to be kind, even science has proof for that.

THE SCIENCE OF KINDNESS: One act of kindness a day keeps the doctor away 😊 #GoodDeeds Source: RAKFoundation

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