Don’t Forget to Remember Me

A poem.

Do you remember
falling asleep outside,
beneath a willow tree,
billions of stars in the dusky sky
forming a glittering blanket
above you

Do you remember
awakening to the cocks’ crow,
a thousand birds singing out the tune of the dawn
in the dew-touched meadow,
your mellifluous laughter tinkling
away the traces of night
do you still cry at the sight of a sunset,
your heart touched by a beauty
that does not compare to yours

Do you smile
when you remember my singing,
how your ears begged for mercy
from my out-of-tune drone.
does the fragrance of these memories
still linger on
or have they been lost in the inane whirl
of the fast cars and skyscrapers of the city?
the lilies you planted are now in full bloom,
growing wildly and encompassing the whole place
like your love did to my heart.

I ponder no more on your decision to leave,
for your high heels and fancy dresses were meant for the city
not the untamed countryside
but for how long would your high heels and the high life control your heart,
my dearest dear?
when the city lights dazzle you no more,
when the high life makes you low,
and you long for the simple life,
let your heart guide you home
and i’ll still be here,
tending to the wild lilies you left behind.

But in the meantime, don’t forget the tangerine sunset,
remember the ocean waves
hitting the rocky shore,
recall the morning dew on your skin,
recollect the long walks,
remember Chuks, our puppy,
remember my voice in your ears,
and wherever you are,
my morning rose,
don’t forget to remember me.

Featured image by Jekein Lato-Unah (Art635.Gallery)