How to inspire your Kids to learn more

These tips will inspire your kids to learn.

Learning for children can be an enjoyable process or a boring and burdensome one. These outcomes, however, depend on the learning techniques you or your child has developed and adopted. There are varying learning techniques but what they all have in common is they inspire kids to learn.

So, if you want to inspire your kids to learn, rather than boring them out, follow these tips:

Make learning fun:

Learning is not solely about going to school, burying your head in academic books and getting good grades – it is so much more. Knowing this is the first step in inspiring learning. The second step is figuring out different types of learning styles you can infuse into your child’s daily learning.

There are seven important learning styles: Visual, Auditory, Verbal, Physical, Logical (mathematical), Social and Solitary. Incorporate these styles into your children’s learning process by trying out a new one each week and occasionally mixing them up to form a unique style!  

Allow your child to decide:

When it comes to learning, parents are too quick to assert control and ownership over all processes. This behavior, however innocent, makes children too dependent on their parents and sometimes makes them dislike learning.

So, before you decide on a learning activity for your child, ask for suggestions from THEM first. This way, they will feel in control and become more invested in the activity. Feel free to interact with your child and ask questions like “What do you want to study today?” “When would you like your study time to be?”

Remember: Do not just ask, honor their requests anytime you can.  

Engage your child in discussions:

A discussion is usually an exchange of ideas, between one or more people who at the end, reach a consensus. Most parents do not discuss with their children, rather, they talk TO instead of talking WITH their child. The difference between these two is this: one seeks for the opinion of others, while the other does not.

To inspire learning in your children, you need to talk with! By talking with your child, you expose them to new ideas and help them to challenge themselves in processing them and giving their input.

This encourages your child to learn more, to build confidence in their opinions and express them.

Remember: An expressive child bustles with ideas…

Make every day a learning day:

Learning is not a one-day experience and should never be mistaken as one – for your children to be inspired to learn, you must make learning a continuous process.

So, make sure your kids learn something every day. Learning new things will make your them look forward to a brand new day and inspire them to keep up with the pace!

Remember: We grow every day, so we must learn every day.  

Lastly, do not compare your child to anyone!

Comparing your children with their peers because they did not meet your expectations is a fast way of making them insecure, anxious and depressed.

There are better ways to encourage your kids or scold them than comparing them to people. You must remember that we are all designed differently, and comparison does not just dismiss the uniqueness of your kids, it also expunges every trace of originality. Rather than compare, ask, listen, suggest, listen again, and reach a decisive conclusion on the way forward.