Spend less and Save more this December

A guide to saving your Christmas.

It’s the holiday season again. Time to usher in the elaborate Christmas decorations, the parties and of course, the plunging account balance. The holidays are never complete without the infamous Christmas songs, “How will I survive January” or an all-time favourite “It’s not even Christmas and I’m already broke.” We sing these songs because we subscribe to Free Fall Spending – three words that leave us broke and hanging onto a financially unstable thread in January.

If you don’t want to sing these songs this Christmas, then don’t worry, we have come to the rescue. All you need to do is, read carefully so you don’t spend your entire savings this Christmas.

Budget! Budget! Budget

One golden rule in financial security is budgeting. You can never go wrong with your finances when you budget. This holiday season, establish the amount you intend to spend and stick with it. The easiest way to do this is by making a list where you set an expense limit of every item you intend to buy. This list will help you to set spending boundaries this Christmas and keep your account balance healthy. Remember, frugality and financial discipline will always win when the last Christmas carol is sung.

Don’t buy New outfits for every party

Looking good for every occasion you attend is necessary, but why go broke to look good? That question might be cliché, but so is buying new outfits for every party when you can accessorize your old outfits and make them cool again.

You can learn how to accessorize, by surfing style blogs or better still, harnessing your inner style icon and turning your old clothes into new ones all by yourself! So, slam that black belt on your white shirt and get in the party mood.

Stay at home

“There is food at home” you may have heard this sentence from your mum when were younger. It must have stung when she said it to you but even better, those words saved your mother time and money!

So here is a new sentence that will surely do the same for you “Stay at home” because there is no better way to not go broke! Staying at home has its own perks: you save money while creating your own fun! To stay entertained, you can stream countless of videos and songs on amazing apps like Habari and if you are the kind that loves to eat meals by amazing chefs, then you can order any meal of your choice from SME MarketHub.

You only need music, videos and food to start your own party and have a great time at home.

Car Pool

If you must go out, then swap the lone cab rides for carpools. With carpools, you will not just save money but get to your destination while having fun or enjoying great conversations with friends or strangers who carpool with you. That’s part of Christmas groove right? 

Buying gifts

Christmas puts you in the gifting mood. Suddenly, you are buying presents for countless people: siblings, friends, great aunty, great aunt’s best friend’s friend – everyone gets a gift! But how about reducing the number of gifts you give out this year? Give yourself and your bank account a gifting break.  

Buy more for less

December is the month of great deals! If you must shop this December, look for the best deals online! The SME Market Hub is currently giving out the best deals. You can find them here or simply download Habari on the Play Store and have access to a wide range of catalogue for outfits, shoes, bags and other items. To wrap this up quickly – spending is always better when you buy more for less.

Have a broke free Christmas!