Office Offenders

What are the worst workplace offences? When it comes to workplace behaviour, just what is acceptable and what's not?

Nowadays, the workplace wants to encourage more open communication among colleagues and this means that the dividers that were common in offices have now been discarded.

Those new work spaces sure look awesome but is all this openness a little too open and are co-workers starting to get on each other’s nerves?

From typing too loudly to personal phone calls to the bad habit of clipping nails at a desk, let’s examine some common habits that might be annoying your office neighbors and causing trouble.

Save It For the Bathroom, Please

One of the top things that peeve co-workers is personal hygiene being conducted at the desk or in shared office areas. The biggest offenders include clipping nails (fingers and, yes, toes), and putting on a full face of makeup.

Your Noises Are Putting People Over the Edge

Some of the offenses that people cite as annoying include ongoing throat clearing, coughing, sniffing and piercing laughter. Loud typing, finger drumming and taking conference calls on speakerphone also are common workplace offenders. If this gets your goat, it’s fine to communicate with the person making the noise and politely ask them to turn down the volume, etc.

Too Much Information

We have all encountered the colleague who feels a bit too comfortable with co-workers, sharing intimate details of her life. And if the oversharer doesn’t get you, then you might have a Chatty Bukky or Joke nearby who spends a good chunk of the day with her endless chatter about everything under the sun, distracting you and everyone around her. If you’ve got one of these folks in your crew, you can let them know you love to chat, but you’ve got a lot of deadlines and need to tend to your work first.

Know any more annoying workplace habits? Can you give any advice regarding how to work through it?

We will be happy to share in with your thoughts.