Features of the New 100 Note

Here are features to look out for to ensure the new 100 banknote is genuine.

In order to protect currency users in Nigeria from counterfeiters, the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has ordered the redesign of the N100 banknote to celebrate Nigeria’s Centenary (100 years existence) from 1914-2014. The redesign of the notes is aimed at making it more secure; to enhance its durability to last longer in circulation and to streamline its aesthetic and security. Emphasis was also placed on Nigeria’s rich cultural heritage, with ” transformational character” features.

   Here are features to look out for to ensure your new 100 banknote is genuine.

1. Check the paper and the raised embossed print:
Running your fingers across the front of the new note, you will feel the raised prints in areas such as “Central Bank of Nigeria”, the image of Chief Obafemi Awolowo and the
N100 numeral on the top left and bottom corners.

2. Check the Motion thread:
A security thread is embedded on the banknote. It appears as green dashes in the front of the new note with “100” and Nigerian flag moving when tilted.

3. Check the water mark:
Hold the note up to the light with the front of the note facing you. In the clear area on the right, you will see an image of Chief Obafemi Awolowo’s portrait together with a 100 numeral. Any banknote that does not contain a watermark is not genuine.

4. Check the Optical Variable Magnetic Ink (OVMI Spark):
A rolling bar that changes colour from green to purple when tilted. This feature is superimposed on two squares with a manila, which are strategically placed at the front of the banknote.

5. Check the QR (Quick Response) Code:
Digitalized barcode that tells the centenary story when scanned with an internet enabled mobile device or an Ipad. It is located at the back of the note.2

6. Check the Serial Number:
A unique 7 digit novel serial numbering, consisting of letters and numbers printed on the front side of the new note.The horizontal number is conical, that is, it grows in height from left to right.

7. Check the See through feature:
located on the front of the note (left corner), the effect is produced on coconut.

8. Tactile marks for the visually impaired:
Pronounced raised lines on the left and right corner on the front of the banknotes.

The existing N100 banknotes will circulate side by side with the new banknote and both banknotes are legal tender and acceptable.