The Corvus: GTBank’s financial and economic publication

For topical issues ranging from, Sub Saharan Africa in the face of declining commodity prices to the rise of digital payments, trends in global regulation and lots more.

The Corvus is a financial and economic publication of Guaranty Trust Bank plc. Much like Corvus provided the Romans with superior intelligence during the Punic Battle, the essence of this magazine is to provide relevant and timely information to our discerning readers.

2015 has been described by many economists and analysts as the year of cautious optimism. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) expects the world economy to grow faster than it did in 2014 with the recovery in US driving global growth. Given the great concern among central banks about deflation, disinflation and low inflation, central bank policies especially in the Euro area and the Far East are expected to be broadly anti-deflationary. Falling energy prices should contribute to a slowing of reported inflation in many countries, motivating some central banks to further ease or temporarily postpone tightening.

While net oil-importing countries are already enjoying the benefits of falling energy prices, which include a reduction in factor or input cost, boost in consumer spending power and greater propensity to save, among others; net oil exporting countries have had to contend with declining fiscal revenues and for Nigeria in particular, the potential threat to implementation of the Capital Expenditure budget looms. The progress in technology will be phenomenal, smart phones will almost seem to be able to read their owner’s minds and many things we do and experience in our daily lives will become digitised.

In this maiden edition of The Corvus, we look at topical issues ranging from, Sub Saharan Africa in the face of declining commodity prices to the rise of digital payments and how GTBank is positioned to offer cutting edge payment solutions to our customers, the cost of compliance and non-compliance with the United States Foreign Account Tax Act, trends in global regulation and its implication for the regulation of African markets and the changing economics of oil price movements.

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