“Defer your Gratification”- Watch and learn Financial Tips from Ademola Akinrele (SAN)

With determination, focus and hardwork , Ademola Akinrele became the youngest Senior Advocate Of Nigeria (SAN) AT 38.

The cerebral and focused Ademola Akinrele is a Senior Advocate Of Nigeria (SAN) with impressive track record in Litigation Practice at both Trial and Appellate Levels. A “Forceful and Persuasive” Advocate, shares his story of how with determination, focus and hardwork he acheived his African dream.

Ademola Akinrele applied for silk early in his career and rose to become a SAN at 38. He describes the role of a lawyer as one of an actor who is able to perceive, convince and express onself with great conviction.

He goes ahead to share some Financial Tips of how deferred gratification  helped him raise to achieve his goals and dreams.

Watch and learn how to balance consumption with investment.