Real Talk: Let’s discuss commitment in a relationship

Join the conversation on this enthralling episode of Real Talk on Ndani TV as Nicole Asinugo and her guests discuss commitment in relationships.

While some people say commitment is an intentional decision to love, care and stay loyal to someone, other people say commitment is a two way thing – you get what you invest. What’s your view about commitment?

Join the conversation on this enthralling episode of Real Talk on Ndani TV as the host, Nicole Asinugo and her guests discuss commitment in relationships.

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To drive the conversation is popular Nollywood Actress, Lindua Ihuoma Ejiofor, Pastor, Public Figure and Actor, Jimmy Odukoya and Popular OAP, Douglas Jekan.

This trio share their different views on the topic, however, the guys are of the opinion that men are hunters who intentional go for what they want even if it involves commitment. So when he isn’t committing after a long time in a relationship, he is sure the lady isn’t Mrs right.

Talking about Mrs Right, Jimmy, who is the son of late pastor Bimbo Odukoya, talked about Mrs Right and Mrs Right Now, stating the major difference between these two.

Want to confirm what your stand is in your current relationship? Watch the video below:

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