5 Tips To Make Your Long Commute More Bearable

Let’s face it, traffic eats up a lot of our time.


One modern reality is that traffic will eat up a lot of your time. Each morning, depending on your routine, you wake up way before sunrise  and commute through unavoidable traffic jams trying to arrive  the office on time, and after work we often face the same long commute back home.

Besides taking up a large portion of your time, traffic jam could affect your mood too, and hence your general outlook for the day..

Here are ways to numb the effects by using the transit time productively:

1.    Slot in your feel-good playlist/inspirational audio book

Music can be uplifting. So instead of wallowing in displeasure, this should be a good time to play some of your favorite music. If it’s your car, turn up the music and sing along to your favorite tunes; if  in public transport, use your headphones. On the other hand, how many times have you thought “I really want to read this book” only to get home from work and be more into what’s on TV  rather than in a book! Try listening to the latest best seller or your favorite book on tape while you drive. It will make the time go by and calm your mind.


2.    Try a new route.

Some routines are great (like having lunch every day!) but just like changing up your diet, it could be good to try a different route, not necessarily to try and arrive faster, butit keeps your brain alert, opens you to new routes, and gives you the added benefit of new scenery. Win-win!


3.    Meditate or say a quick prayer

A great way to begin and end the day is by having a quiet, ruminative moment to align your goals and intentions. When traffic gives you a lot of down time, use the moment to contemplate on integral aspects of your life. Say a prayer, breath consciously, give yourself a pep talk or simply contemplate on your goals. Instead of giving in to the tempting negative thoughts, remind yourself why you are thankful for the very commute you usually dread. Whether it’s being grateful for your car that takes you from one place to another, your eye sight so that you can see (and therefore drive), or the fact that you’re heading to a job you love that makes you feel fulfilled and pays your bills, taking a moment to remind yourself why you’re thankful for your commute will inspire a change in your attitude. This way, you will be able to channel your peaceful self in the midst of the heavy traffic around you.


4.    Catch up with loved ones

If you’re not the one driving, give your dad, mom, siblings, or a friend you haven’t talked to in a while a call. The most precious resource we lose in traffic is time, which could have been spent with family and friends instead. Open your messenger apps and ask your loved ones about their day.


5.    Bring a change of clothes

Is there anything more uncomfortable than sitting in your tight work clothes for hours each day? Remove your jacket or bring some comfy alternatives to change into for your drive home. Bonus motivating tip: change into gym clothes before you get in the car so you will drive yourself straight to the gym for a workout!

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