Traffic and African man time; what’s the connection?

When you arrive later than scheduled to a place, who or what do you blame it on? Your inability to keep to time, or the terrible traffic you faced on your way?

The African man deserves his own clock for creating the epic phenomenon ‘African man time.’ Often times, we choose to arrive late at a place simply because we are confident that other people would be late as well. This is not the best mindset to have but its the reality.

When you arrive later than scheduled to a place, who or what do you blame it on? Your inability to keep to time, or some circumstances beyond your control? Although a lot of things can contribute to a delayed arrival, most times people use traffic as the excuse for lateness. So will it be out of place to say there is a close connection between the African man time culture and traffic in Nigeria?

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Everyday, people burn time, miss opportunities, bash cars, and experience other forms of set back due to traffic. You can blame it on the bad roads, impatient road users, non-functioning traffic lights, narrow roads, etc. but it doesn’t change the fact that traffic is fast becoming an inevitable encounter for road users, and it is directly affecting the African man’s ability to keep to time. So the question is ‘how do we beat time and traffic at the same time?’

How to beat time 

  • Arrange your things the night before
  • Wake up early
  • Set out early
  • Avoid traffic

How to beat traffic 

  • Stick to your lane
  • Obey traffic light
  • Obey traffic wardens
  • NominateAChamp

Champions are made in our streets from the selfless service of the ordinary people who go beyond the call of duty to keep our roads safe and hassle-free. Some of them are in form of Traffic Wardens. Naturally, saying ‘Well Done’ to someone who has done a good job makes them do even better next time. This is one of the reasons behind the #NominateAChamp Campaign – rewarding Traffic Wardens with gifts of gratitude.

Join GTBank to celebrate Traffic Wardens, who have won our hearts by being exceptional at their jobs, with an Orange Sac full of gifts for the season and beyond. As your own little way of putting smiles on their faces while saying ‘thank you for the job well done,’ kindly nominate your favourite Traffic Warden via the link;