#NominateAChamp; Who is your favourite Traffic Warden?

Traffic Wardens who go the extra mile to ensure sanity on our roads deserve an award. Kindly nominate your favourite Traffic Warden for the #NominateAChamp award.

We all have different stories of our worst traffic experience; spending four hours on the road just to get to a nearby office, spending the whole day on a spot because of a broken-down truck…and so on.

Traffic is a universal evidence of growth in every big city, and the traffic situation on Nigerian roads, especially in Lagos and other metro-cities, is becoming quite alarming. Nonetheless, the situation has been under check by a group of people known as Road Traffic Managers.

Several Traffic Wardens (official and non-official), go the extra mile to manage traffic on our roads. They stand for hours, most times under the sun and in the rain, making sure road users spend minimal time in traffic. You know some of them; the ones who saved your day the other day, the ones who entertain with hilarious traffic-dance moves, and the ones who do the job for the love of humanity. Overtime, these people have proved themselves to be our ‘Road Champions,’ by dutifully ensuring sanity on our roads. They surely deserve an award.

In this season of love and sharing, GTBank is recognising and rewarding Traffic Wardens who have touched lives with their dedicated service to humanity, through the #NominateAChamp Campaign. These Champions will be gifted with our ‘Orange Sack’ package filled with essentials needed for the season and beyond.

Who is your favourite Traffic Warden? Kindly nominate him/her for the #NominateAChamp award. It’s your own little way of putting smiles on their faces while saying ‘thank you for the job well done.’

To #NominateAChamp, please visit; http://csr.gtbank.com/nominateachamp.