#BankOnMoms: How Mothers Came Through for These Four

I love my Mom. She has been supporting me all my life she's a great woman I will never forget her in my life.

Adedayo Israel’s Story 

I love my Mom. She has been supporting me all my life she’s a great woman I will never forget her in my life.

I remember during my first pregnancy she was there to put me through, even when I was about to give up hope. She stood by my side during my labor. She encouraged me to be strong. After I gave birth to my daughter she was small and not up to nine months, so the doctor had to put my baby in an incubator and during that process my Mom was there. She stayed at the hospital with me for a month. Every night my Mom will sleep on the floor, mosquitoes bit her body, OoIyaniIya mi, in the morning before I woke up she’d there beside me. She would help me clean up my body because during that period I could not do anything. She did everything for me.

My Mom is an awesome woman. She made me who I am today. No amount of words can describe how beautiful my mother is. She deserves all the happiness in the world because she’s the best mother in the world.


I Love my Mom to the moon and back.



Hassan Lawal’s Story

When I wanted to write my NECO Exams, my mother came through for me, because I was really bad in Mathematics. She told me I could make it if I let my brothers teach me, and if I could dedicate my playing time to reading. I did so and passed my exams, but alas she wasn’t alive to see my results.

I can never forget when I was 13 and I had crisis due to my genotype (SS). Every of my family members had given up on me. I had also given up on myself. I had prayed my last prayers. The doctors told my mum that I cannot survive it, everyone, including my dad, went back home. The doctors at the general hospital where I was transferred to told my Mom to take heart.

Finally I fainted and woke up to see myself at prayer city, mountain of fire with my mom rolling on the clay sand, crying in a faint voice. I shouted Mom with tears rolling down my eyes, she stood up and rushed to me, almost falling down, hugged me and started dancing. #Ilovemymom #mymothermygod , she had 5 children, she could have let go, she could have followed my dad back home to start mourning me, as I’m just the last born, as I’m the only one with SS, she could have given birth to another child to cover me, but she decided to cry to God my Maker, my Creator. Now I’m 24, I’m also a graduate, I’m a CEO, I’m an employer of labour.



Lawson Bolatito’s Story

I’ve got lots of it [great mom memories] because my mom has been my mom and dad all my life. To mention one out of all, I got implicated in school and was suspended for one year and really was reluctant to tell my mom about it because I thought she’d misunderstand me and be disappointed. But when I eventually told her, she hugged me and told me she trusts me. That was when I was able to cry out all I’ve been hiding inside and my mom gave me her shoulder to cry on and pet me just as a baby. Thereafter, she gave me money to buy tools and make use of the one year to start that cake business I’ve always loved….. And here I am now “almost a graduate”



Onah Joseph’s Story

Hello, my special story goes thus…

I would forever be grateful to God for the precious gift he gave to me “My Ever Super Mom.” I can remember vividly back in 2001 when I lost my dad, I was just 6 years old. After his death, growing up wasn’t easy. Mum was left with no choice than to start sewing cloth, buying and selling food stuffs and some other petty trade.

Through that means she was able to gather and send me and my siblings to school. There was no family support. She struggled alone for more than 10 years, she made sure we did not lack any thing. Fast forward to 2013, I and my sister started working fine and we have been taking good care of Mum. She is so supportive and she keeps praying for us everyday. She will forever be my pride, if there’s a second life I would love to have her as my mother.

I love my mum so much.