#Memorable Food Experiences: 737 Food

I needed to pay a bill of #4,700 and my wallet was nowhere to be found. All my pleas to go home and come back the next day to pay fell on deaf ears. Someone walked up to me and asked “Oga, you no dey use GTBank?"

Simpler is better. Forgetting your wallet, after all, is no tragedy. Eat, give your wife that treat, and 737 your bill. That’s exactly what Timileyin and Adesuyi did…



Lol, I can’t easily forget that day…
The day I was travelling all the way from Wusasa, Zaria in Kaduna State down to my home town in Osun State which I did last six years ago. I barely know the way leading to my town now. I loved the journey, but this super delicious meal made it much more memorable than I’d hoped. We took off and there wasn’t much adventure on the way asides the more beautiful and colourful houses, streets and all. We got to Ibadan around 5:10p.m and I had almost exhausted all my money on junk food. I had to eat them to stay awake because I couldn’t even imagine loosing the images of all I had already seen along the way to sleep. The journey was indeed a hectic and long one.

We got to Ibadan and I had to get a local canteen to fill up my already grumbling stomach with the last #1,000 I had which was just enough to take me to my destination. Should I say I went into the canteen with faith or guts? Lol. I ordered for any available swallow and soup (that was how tired I was). They brought Amala, Abula (a local delicious soup in Yoruba land which is a combination of beans soup, gbegiri and ewedu), plus bush meat..OH! I enjoyed that sumptuous meal without even remembering my pocket. I finished eating and it was time for me to continue my journey to Osun State and I stood there sweating profusely. I braced myself and walked up to one of the attendants and that was when my brain brought my account balance to me. I had an ‘unwithdrawable’ amount of #854 in my account, and my bill was #800. I had to persuade them to give me a GTBank account number to make a transfer due to lack of cash on me. After much argument, I was given the account details of a man nearby and I made the transfer. I was about to leave when one of the attendants walked up to me and asked me how she could go about opening an account with my bank. I was so proud to introduce GTBANK as my bank, I told her it was possible to initiate account opening on her mobile phone, and walk to any nearby branch of MY bank at her leisure time to complete the process with necessary documents. My journey continued and, safely, I reached my town filled with that mouth-watering delicacy. But for GTBank, I would have vomited that food. Their mobile banking is outstanding.



I smile every time I think of the pounded yam and egusi I ate with so much pleasure about 14 months ago.
Timileyin and I were sitting in a newly opened restaurant in Osogbo. She was about 3 weeks pregnant with our baby and I thought I should take her out for lunch. She and I felt like the two luckiest people in the world. We had a house and a baby was coming. The outing was meant to be the perfect lunch to celebrate our pregnancy.
She took fried rice while I took pounded yam with egusi. I was smiling occasionally in between mouthfuls. I also ordered a chilled drink to ease the movement of morsels of pounded yam down my stomach.
Fast forward to about 30 minutes later, I made for my wallet to pay the waitress standing before me, only to discover that I left the wallet at home. Yee!!! I searched my pockets frantically to no avail. Timileyin was quietly looking at me, while the owner of the restaurant continued to shout at the top of her voice. I needed to pay a bill of #4,700 and my wallet was nowhere to be found. All my pleas to go home and come back the next day to pay fell on deaf ears. This was not what I wanted. A small crowd of onlookers were already gathering. Luckily, someone walked up to me and asked “Oga, you no dey use GTBank?” I paused, then my eye brightened up, YES!!! GTBank *737* banking, I shouted at the top of my voice. I instantly made for my phone and performed a USSD transaction on my Nokia phone.
Thank goodness, an ATM machine was nearby from which I withdrew #15,000 without an ATM card. Yes without an ATM card! Without much ado I walked back into the restaurant and settled my bill, gave other people nearby money to share among themselves and took my princess out with my head held high.
We still talk about it till this day and occasionally I still go there to eat hot amala or pounded yam with egusi. Above all, I still don’t take money along. I just eat and perform the magic *737# banking.