#Memorable Food Experiences: Food at the Peak of Ovations

The meat was diced, sliced, flavoured and extremely tasty. Did I tell you it was boneless too? Yes, trust me I made sure I got enough that day.

An event can go so well only to be flawed by poor handling of the item 7 or outright poor cuisine. But when the reverse is the case, food can take the crescendo of the fun a notch higher.



I love good food. When it comes to African dishes, my system does not really reject anyone, per say.

It was on a beautiful Saturday, I and my crew members were invited to minister in an event hall during a nephew’s wedding anniversary. After the whole praise, worship and thanksgiving, we were called to have lunch. Wao!

There was this yummy fried rice, salad, cow meat and moimoi. Of all the food, it  was the moimoi that caught my attention the most. I have been eating moimoi, but had never eaten this type of moimoi before. Name any kind of assorted that you won’t find in the moimoi, like crayfish, crabs, boiled eggs, etc.

They were even calling us, that everyone was set to go, but I made sure I finished the moimoi and even took two extra with me when leaving as “Takeaway”. I don’t mind having that type of moimoi again, because it’s the best I ever had.




Good food and tasty meals more than fill people’ s stomachs, they are the elixir of happiness. The Yorubas have a saying that “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”. This underscores how important tasty meals are.

I remember in May 2010, I was at Eko hotel and Suites in Lagos for the retirement dinner of an important bank Chief in Nigeria. The Federal Government had launched a policy that mandated bank chiefs with more than ten years of service as Managing Director to retire. So, regrettably, the nation temporarily suffered the loss of the service of this particular talented bank official.

Anyway, people from all walks of life, both in government and the private sector, gathered to honour him. People even came from outside the country and the hall was filled to capacity. The atmosphere was great and dignitaries such as the former president, Olusegun Obasanjo, Dr. Ngozi Iweala, Nollywood actor, Pawpaw and a host of others were in attendance.

The acclaimed female rapper, Sasha enthralled us with her music before “Kini big deal” by Kema Chikwe’s son, Naeto C, brought us to our feet. Other artists including Ice Prince also added flavour to the occasion. To cap it all, prominent US and Haiti singer, Wyclef, made the night memorable with great renditions from his collection of songs, thus putting me in the mood to savor the delicacies on offer.

It was actually a serve-yourself dinner and I took the opportunity to dish rice and stew for my enjoyment. I however got a pleasant surprise when it was my turn to dish meat. The meat was diced, sliced, flavoured and extremely tasty. Did I tell you it was boneless too? Yes, trust me I made sure I got enough that day.

I have eaten at the hotel several times after then and even at other places, but that day stood out in my memory. For me, it was the meat. I hope to experience​it again someday, somehow