Five free and exciting courses you can begin and finish in a week!

Mahatma Gandhi was up to something great when he said “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”

Mahatma Gandhi was up to something great when he said “Learn as if you were to live forever,” and here’s how you can achieve that, one weekend at a time.

Learning is indeed a lifelong endeavor but a mix of juggling a job (or two), catering to your children and participating in extracurricular activities might leave you feeling you have no time for fresh knowledge asides reading the paper or articles on our blog and your other favorite sites.

We know you long to learn more but seem to be short on time. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered on that by compiling five online classes that you can finish in a week or even less. You can even take these courses from the comfort of your bed while having a drink and munching some snacks. 😉

So, without much ado, here are the five courses:


  1. Write what you know, Udemy.



Are you a writer looking to brush up your writing skills or perhaps you are interested in taking writing as a new hobby? Learn how to write out stories from your life in a structured and effective way, and you’re on the path to writing a book (or chronicling some blog posts)



Length50 minutes/ 6 lectures



  1. The core four of personal finance, Udemy.

Need some guidance on managing your personal finance? This course will teach you the basics to saving and spending wisely.

Length: 1 hour/ 17 lectures



  1. Learn to think differently, Skillshare.


You don’t need 24 hours to learn creativity, sometimes all you need is 11 minutes. That’s all the time you’ll really need to finish this super short class on innovation and creative thinking.


Length: 11 minutes/ 2 videos


  1. Video Basics for All: Shoot With Your iPhone, Edit Like a Pro, skillshare


You don’t need a super expensive camera to shoot great videos—and this class is proof. Bring your some motion to your stories, impress your colleagues (and yourself), or just pick learn video techniques in less than an hour.


Length: 52 minutes/ 11 videos


  1. How to Be Happy and Have the Life You Want: Tools For Success , Udemy.


If you’re striving to find more happiness in your career and life, this short course is the perfect guide to get yourself in the mindset for success.


Requirements? A desire to add more happiness to your life.


Length: 1 hour/ 17 lectures