Have you seen Nigeria? You may have; but probably not from all the perspectives you should. If you shut out all other perspectives and focus on Nature, you will fall in love with every square mile of this enchanting patch of the earth called Nigeria. A single nation with beaches, deserts, forests, wildlife, swamps, savannas, hills, valleys, rocks, waterfalls and, above all, people and cultures so beautifully diverse that they form the largest, prettiest Black Mosaic on earth.

In this edition of Have You Seen Nigeria we go to a place of history, culture, and beautiful adventure. Let’s take you to Dass, and to the summit of the Mbula Hills. Welcome!

What kind of inducement would make you jump on this hike? A promise of fresh Fura da Nono? Or would you rather it be chilled sodas? Some drinking water would also be important, so make sure to factor that in. While the scorching sun is no foe, continually hydrating your body when under it is a good idea. Don’t forget to wear boots, sunglasses, and maybe hand gloves, then go! Mbula is waiting for you, as are many other gorgeous places in Nigeria. Bring back pictures and a story. Send them to gtbankdigitalgroup@gmail.com.