4 Day Weekend: Best ways to spend it

Another holiday is almost here. How are you spending it? Home or out? Whichever you choose, we’ve got you covered. Here are four things you can do over this 4 Days Weekend.

When was the last time you had a 4 day weekend? Saturdays and Sundays are never enough to make your weekend fully rested. Not to worry, this weekend is special and going to be longer than usual, so let’s utilize it.

It’s a two way thing: you can either choose to stay at home and rest all through the holiday, or go all out to exploit the freedom you’ve earned. Nonetheless, whichever option you choose, we’ve got you covered.

Here are four things you can do between Thursday night to Monday night.

1. Lounge in Style

You’ve worked really hard the past few months and deserve a nice reward this holiday. How about spending a few resources on giving yourself a mini luxury treat? You can do that at home if you choose or at a serene resort or hotel. At home you’ll need to to have outside contacts to help you achieve that luxury.

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You can order your meals online to your doorstep, call a massage therapist for a nice body beat, get your hair shaved or made by a home service stylist and just lounge in front of the TV. You can take it a notch higher if you have some money to spare. Take a short trip to a neighboring country, state or area where you can make the best out of your holiday alone or with your loved one(s).

2. Celebrate with your Muslim friends

Let’s not forget the reason for this holiday – Sallah. Therefore, it is only courteous to call and felicitate with your Muslim friends, irrespective of your religion. That way, you enjoy the full package of the holiday. Bearing in mind that this is actually a ram holiday, you can satisfy your stomach with so much mutton by just saying ‘hi’ to a Muslim.

3. Visit fun places

Whichever state in Nigeria you find yourself this holiday, there’s surely an interesting place you can visit. Pick a day to hang out with your friends, family and/or colleagues at any of the exciting places. Here are some spots you can consider.

  • Lekki Conservation Centre [Lagos].
  • GET Arena [Lekki Lagos].
  • National Children’s Park and Zoo [Abuja].
  • Nike Lake [Enugu].
  • Marina Resort [Calabar].
  • Garden City Amusement Park [Port-Harcourt].
  • National Museum [Lagos].
  • Fun Factory [Ibadan].
  • Ogba Zoo & Nature Park [Benin].
  • Hi-Impact Planet [Ogun State].
  • Herbert Macaulay Library, Yaba –Lagos.
  • Any nice beach around you.

4. Rest

After all the fun catching, visiting, and ram eating all through your holiday, remember to rest – especially on Monday because reality falls back on Tuesday morning. Purge yourself of the weekend, ease your bowels and get ready to embrace work after your 4 day weekend.