Analyse This: The Glitz and Glamour of the Nigerian Fashion Industry

Celebrity designer and fashion entrepreneur, Ejiro Amos Tafiri joins Tunde and Honey to Analyse the pressing concerns of the Nigerian Fashion industry.

Before the revolution of fashion in Nigeria, it’s been a norm that most fashion houses were born out of boredom by stay at home wives of rich individuals just looking for where to invest and while away time, rather than a proper business to offer solutions at a cost.

What is the story behind Nigerian fashion? Where is the industry going with incorporating the western culture into the African Fashion trend? How easy is it for fashion entrepreneurs out there?  These are some of the bothering questions some Nigerian fashion lovers ask and crave answers for.

On the third episode of Analyse This season II, Tunji and Honey discuss the Nigerian fashion industry, its current structure and the prospects for growth. One of the issues talked about is the fact that most accessories like buttons, zippers etc, needed to make clothes are not made in Nigeria and that dismisses the entire idea of made-in-Nigerian products.

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To engage in a well-informed discussion, the duo had renowned fashion entrepreneur, Ejiro Amos Tafiri on set to talk about everything fashion and how other industries like the music, movie and government are hugely influencing fashion growth in Nigeria.

Sadly, not every Nigerian has come to full terms of buying made-in-Nigerian wears due to the fear of quality and class. However, after the bothers were closed to imported goods for a while, people started to see the potentials in made-in-Nigerian clothes. Now there’s an argument that Nigerian designers are fast meeting up in making outfits that can stand out in the world fashion market. The question is, can you take a risk to invest in the Nigerian Fashion Industry?

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