Analyse This: How to Survive an Unstable Economy

Analyse This: Is Nigeria Truly Out of Recession?

In April 2017, the World Economics declared that Nigeria was out of recession. How true is that? Watch Tunji Andrews and Honey Ogundeyi Analyse This on Ndani TV.

In April 2017, the Market Growth Index grew to 58.5 as the monthly Sales Growth Index went up to 56.7, its highest value since 2015 and representative of rapid growth. Afterwards, World Economics declared that Nigeria was out of recession. How true is that? Has there been a stabilization in the economy of the country?

The recession came with Naira devaluation, price hike of products and services, loss of jobs, relocation of foreign companies and residents, decrease of salaries and more. Has all of that changed? Is there a significant improvement that confirms that Nigeria is indeed out of Recession?

On this episode of Analyse This Season II, Tunji Andrews and Honey Ogundeyi discussed several survival methods that Nigerian residents and companies employ while waiting for the Nigerian economy to regain full stability.

It’s over two years now since Nigeria went deep into an economic recession that has earned the title of the worse economic downturn in the history of the country. So far, people are beginning to get used to the new social lifestyle that comes with a tight budget as money flow is no longer as fluid as it was some three years ago.

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There is so much uncertainty about how soon Nigerian will get back its economic strength and residents of the country have a lot to say about the situation.

Watch this intriguing episode of Analyse This on Ndani TV as Tunji Andrews and Honey Ogundeyi take the discussion into the streets.

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